Malibu Mayhem Spectacular

By Christine Cameron

Malibu Mayhem, once again, proved to be a spectacular event. Sixty-one riders donned their boards to compete at this May Arizona Wakeboard Association tradition, and it definitely lived up to expectations. Congratulations to all the winners!


1st Patrick Moulumby

2nd Matt Bolley

3rd Glen Coy


1st Eric Stoppa

2nd Matt Marquette

3rd Kenny Harmon


1st Lance Wright

2nd Colby Bauer

3rd Matt Coldren


1st Walt Chantler

2nd Tom Marquette

3rd Ivan Rials


1st Chris Jones

2nd Jason Clark

3rd Larry Taylor


1st CK Rogers

2nd Ira Cornelius

3rd Andrew Jellum


1st Brittany Schroeder

2nd Christine Cameron

3rd Rachel Sanders

As if all of the killer division prizes weren t enough, Paradise Watersports crowned the "King-of-the-Double-Up" for the fourth time. Trever "Poodle" Marquette rode away with the proverbial crown and the cash.

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