San Carlos Mexico Report 2010

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Sonoran Charters
San Carlos, Mexico
866-740-2628(toll free)


The season has really "kicked in". In the last few days, our boats have caught and released several Marlin and Sailfish. Guess what---the Dorado have joined the party, as well, with numerous reported catches.

We are also happy to report that the Yellofin have started hitting, as well. In fact this week, a nice 236 lb YF was brought in, and reports from yesterday and this morning confirm that the game is on.

Live bait has definately proven to be a factor and we are fortunate to have a reliable source availble to us on a regular basis. The bait combined with really experienced captains has helped to create a lot of "happy fisherman".

Don't miss out!! Sonoran charters is offering good boats, good captains and greast fishing at affordable rates. All charters will be provided with a certificate for a 10% discount on all future charters. Call us for detais at our toll free number 866-740-2628 for details and availability og dates.

We wish everyone the best and hope to see you all in beatiful San Carlos.

Bill Holm & Jim Quinn
Sonoran Charters
(formerly JonJen Charters)

Sonoran Charters
(formerly JonJen Charters)
866-740-2628(toll free)

It has been almost one year since JonJen Charters changed ownership and eventually became Sonoran Charters. The change was effected, in order to create an environment which is consistent with our focus on expanding and improving operations, for our valued customers. Our fundamental goal is to expand upon the best qualities of the original company, while adding services which provide a great fishing experience for all.

In discussions with our clients, several factors arose, over and over. Most of our fishing friends emphasized the importance of one or all, of the following issues:

1. Knowledgeable, couteous and helpful captains
We are very fortunate, in the fact that our captains come from a very prominent local fishing family. They have grown up learning every aspect of local waters. They know where the fish are and most importantly the know how to catch them!!!

2 Boat quality
A great deal of emphasis has been placed on providing clean, fast and mechanically sound boats We are happy to compare ours with any other boats in any fleet. Besides being serviced on a routine basis, all boats are inspected for equipment operation (including electronics) and complete cleanliness, prior to every charter.

3. Tackle
Nothing can spoil a day of fishing faster than "economy" or poorly maintained tackle. We at Sonoran Charters pride ourselves on the overall quality of all equipment supplied with each boat. As an example; our reels second to none, with names such as Penn, Shimano, Accurate etc..

4. Post trip service
After a long day on the water, most people would like to "kick back" and relax! In order to make this happen we will-----clean your fish-----package your fish--- freeze your fish for travel, if you so wish. In fact, if you would like, we will make arrangements with a local restaurant, to prepare your fresh catch for your dinner. Also we will provide transportation to and from Guyamas airport, ay your request.

5. Affordable rates
A great deal of effort has gone into creating a structure which offers a great experience, at prices within the reach of virtually anyone. Whether full day, 1/2 day or multiple day charters, our rates will satisfy virtually every budget. Our Fishing With Friends package offers three (3) full days of fishing, four (4) nights lodging for four friends, at an incredible rate. Please call for further dtails.

NOTE: As Sonoran Charters way of saying "Thank You",to our customers, we will provide each charter with certificate of Customer Loyalty. This will provide a 10% discount on future charters. This certificate can be transferred to friends or families as well. The following restriction would apply:

-The certificates will be valid for twelve (12) months from date of issue

-All charters would require a two (2) week advanced booking

6. Finally Catching Fish
Trolling for Marlin, Dorado and Sailfish can be really exciting----Sometimes---- -----IT IS NOT!! Because of this reality, our captains are prepared and the boats are equipped to offer you the opportunity to experience the variety of other types of fishing which await you in the Sea of Cortez . We will do our best to make your experience that of "CATCHING" and not just FISHING!

We are proud of the plans which we have implemented over the last year and we hope that yu will join us for a great experience. For those of you who have been with us before, we hope that you will have an evn better experience, the next time.

Yours truly, Bill Holm & Jim Quinn and the entire crew Sonoran Charters

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