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She Remembers A Gentle Sea And The River Seine
By Caroline McWilliams
Glasgow, Scotland

Last April I went to France and Belgium with my school. There was lots of water involved.

We drove in a coach to Hull. We got on a ferry there. It was quite nice. The rooms were small but clean. It was very windy and rainy that day, basically all over the country.

For lunch we had stopped at a school called Stonyhurst, which is just about the biggest anywhere, and it was raining there too.

The crew were slightly wary about letting us go out on deck to see the ship leave but when the wind died down, they let us. It was really fun watching the ship leave. It had to go through all sorts of locks, and it didn t seem as if we were moving at all, but when you looked out at the dock you could see that we truly were.

The sea was really gentle that night, and as the boys two rooms down were making a lot of noise, I spent a large part of that night watching the water.

The next day we took a boat trip down the River Seine in Paris. Unlike the ship, it was really dirty. Nevertheless, it was lots of fun and everyone took many pictures. We were supposed to go on a boat in Belgium, but the weather was so bad that we had to forego that idea.

The journey back on the ferry was pretty much the same as the way out, but the weather wasn t very good, and the ship was rocked about all night.

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