Golfo De Santa Clara, Sonora, Beckons Arizonans

Mexico: Destination

By Maxine And Mike Brookes

The wonderful fishing village of Golfo de Santa Clara is located approximately 90 miles south of Yuma on the eastern shore of the Sea of Cortez.

We have thoroughly enjoyed several trips there with our trailer over the past two years, and the RV accommodations are great.

Take Hwy. 95 south from Yuma to San Luis, then Mexico 003 to the end of the road, which brings you to this destination. Because 003 has recently been upgraded, you can make either a day trip or a longer one if you wish, on paved roads.

Information on hotels, restaurants, and things to do may be obtained on the Web.

The dunes, desert, and 80 miles of wonderful beach make this one of our favorite spots to visit. The people are friendly, and you can find great places to eat as well.

The village is quaint in many ways but still offers a good medical clinic, doctor, and pharmacy.

And, perhaps most important of all: There s lots of shrimp! When your visit to El Golfo is over, you will surely want to take some home.

Come see a little bit of "Old Mexico" just 72 miles from the border.

Mexican Recipe For Barbecuing Curvina

(Mike's recipe)

Note: Curvina are one of the favorite catches at El Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico. They are a Lenten fish about the size of a silver salmon. This recipe is a good one for other salt-water fish as well.

1. Lay fillet on heavy-duty foil.

2. Slather the top with mayonnaise or Miracle Whip.

3. Spread a layer of salsa (your choice: hot or mild) over that.

4. Top with a layer of finely chopped sweet onions.

5. Sprinkle lightly with garlic, ground pepper, and other seasonings of your choice.

6. Fold over the foil.

7. Place on the barbecue at a low to medium temperature.

8. Cook for approximately 20-25 minutes.

9. Check for doneness.

10. Enjoy!


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