Monsoon Storms Come Up Quick

Be Prepared by Ron Werner

From Ron Werner
USPS (Phoenix Sails & Power Squadron)

As the monsoons approach we need to know how to keep ourselves safe!

Monsoon_Cell_Ron_Werner.JPGPhoto Credit Ron Werner

Typical Storm Cell

Monsoon storms come up quick and many times are violent. To anyone that is unprepared for this they will normally end up in more trouble then the storm would have justified.

As a boater in AZ we have several factors on our side that make such an event one that you can enjoy its beauty and latter spin your tail.

Most Monsoons storms are relatively short lived. During the event it can seam (and sometimes is) very bad.
So wait the storm out.
Do not run for the ramp! Every one lese will be there and retrieving your boat in monsoon weather with every one else is an accident waiting to happen.

Monsoon_Ron_Werner1.JPGPhoto Credit Ron Werner

Here It Comes

In general with some planning; a cove or beaching is normally not too far away. Situate your self in a protective location.

Properly set you anchor with at least 7:1 scope.

Protective gear.
Life Jackets.
Get yourself comfortable.

Monsoon_Ron_Werner2.JPGPhoto Credit Ron Werner


Then after the storm passes you can continue on your with your plans.

Remember: Think ahead and do not panic. Enjoy the adventure! Put on the Life Jacket!.

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