About Us

Arizona Boating & Watersports / Western Outdoor Times publications have won four awards.

  • 2008 – Arizona Game & Fish Commission Media of The Year Award
  • 2010 – National Water Safety Congress Award of Merit
  • 2013 – Arizona Game & Fish Commission Media of The Year Award
  • 2016 – Arizona Game & Fish Commission Outdoor Writer of The Year Award

Arizona Boating & Watersports / Western Outdoor Times publications include:

  • Arizona Boating & Watersports / Western Outdoor Times – Print
  • Arizona Boating & Watersports – Web
  • Florida Boating & Watersports – Web
  • Western Outdoor Times – Web – Online Subscription
  • AZBW / WOT Daily – Worldwide Email Newsletter – Great Lead Source – Subscribe
  • Rock The Boat – Boat Conservation Project

Supporting Our Publications – Over the years we have appeared on numerous radio shows and been regular guest hosts on several. We have taken our publications to outdoor shows and events.

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We have a monthly print issue, three Web sites and a newsletter.

We print around 5,000 copies of the print issue.  This number is increased depending on the events we will be attending during a particular month.  This is distributed primarily in Arizona.  There is an online version that is available on each of our Web sites.  The free copies that are distributed are on newsprint.  We also have a glossy version available for sale.

Our Web sites are updated frequently throughout each month.

Our newsletter reaches over 7,000 and is sent as incoming information warrants.  Our newsletter reaches a world wide audience.

Thank you.

Jim & Carol Allen
Arizona Boating and Watersports / Western Outdoor Times
Emphasizing Safety And Conservation
Boating – Camping – Events – Fishing – Rving – Shooting Sports – Watersports – Wildlife
Scottsdale, AZ