Pro Fisherman Trusts Live Well Cleaner For Top Results: Live Well Cleaner

Pro Fisherman Trusts Live Well Cleaner For Top Results

Live Well CleanerWhen Kyle Weisenburger enters a Major League Fishing tournament, he puts his professional trust in Iosso Live Well Cleaner. Before every event, the pro angler uses the convenient concentrated powder to keep his fish healthy and full of life for the weigh-in.

“Iosso Live Well Cleaner always does the job,” said Weisenburger. “It’s the best and easiest way I have found to get a live well looking great again.”

Made in the USA, Iosso Live Well Cleaner is chlorine-free and pH-neutral. The eco-friendly formula quickly removes algae, mold, mildew, slime and stains, and associated odors from a wide range of equipment. In fact, it’s so safe it can be used on thermos jugs, coolers, refrigerators and other food storage containers.

Using Live Well Cleaner is simple. The concentrated powder is poured into the container and circulated with the pump. The formula is safe for the environment, so it can be drained overboard. Once rinsed with fresh water, it’s ready to keep fish in peak condition. A 4 oz. container of Iosso Live Well Cleaner treats two average-sized wells and costs $5.95.

Contact local dealers or  Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Toll-free 888-747-4332.;


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