Pros and cons of fishing in Arizona

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Arizona will take one of the leading places in the competition for the most suitable states for fishing. Everything necessary for this activity is on its territory, from many reservoirs to a vast variety of fish. Arizona has many other advantages that will turn fishing into the most exciting entertainment. Let’s look at all these advantages of fishing in the state and identify the existing disadvantages.


A large number of fish species

Many fishermen call the main advantage of Arizona the species diversity of fish living in the state’s waters. More than 80 species are found in rivers, lakes and streams, each of which can become the main target of fishing enthusiasts. This variety allows fishermen with different levels of experience to achieve good results. Beginners can try to catch the least capricious small species, which bite well on almost any bait and do not resist much when pulling them out of the water. At the same time, professionals will be able to compete with the most challenging and large opponents, the capture of which will require specific skills. Among all the types of fish in Arizona, the most common and at the same time popular among fishermen are rainbow trout, various types of perch, catfish, and crappie.

Opportunity to fish all year round

Most of Arizona has a mild climate. It allows fishing 365 days a year, a massive advantage over other states. This feature opens up unlimited opportunities for fishermen to do what they love. Even in the coldest months, the air temperature rarely drops below 0 degrees Celsius. Thanks to this, the reservoirs never freeze and remain accessible for any fishing. Another advantage of a mild climate is the most comfortable conditions for fish breeding. It spawns actively, so the population of the most popular species never decreases. This positively affects the number of fish in Arizona’s waters and makes the fishing season as long as possible.

Availability of beautiful scenery

Arizona is one of the most beautiful states. There are many unique natural attractions and fabulously beautiful places for fishing. Thanks to this, fishing in the state becomes the most enjoyable experience, combining the pleasure of catching fish and the opportunity to observe magnificent scenery. The latter provides a feeling of relaxation and allows fishermen to relax from their busy workdays fully. Arizona’s beautiful scenery also makes a great backdrop for shooting fishing videos. They will help popularize this activity and attract representatives of the younger generation to it.

Large selection of reservoirs

Even though Arizona is considered a dry state, five large rivers flow through its territory, each with many tributaries. Arizona also has 128 lakes and countless streams. Each reservoir contains fish, so they are all suitable for fishing enthusiasts. Such a wide variety makes it possible to choose the best option. For some fishermen, it will be the river closest to their residence; for others, it will be their favorite lake in a neighboring city; and for others, it will be a small stream that takes many hours to reach. In any case, everyone will find what they are looking for and will be able to get maximum pleasure from the process of fishing.

Lots of fishing tournaments

An essential advantage of Arizona is the vast number of fishing tournaments held. These events are always well organized and bring fishermen more pleasure than fishing alone. The competitive spirit attracts the attention of fishing enthusiasts from all over Arizona and even from neighboring states. People united by a common goal can communicate on their favorite topic, make new acquaintances, and share the secrets of catching a particular type of fish. Some of these events take place at night. Their participants take their night vision and thermal imaging devices, equipment, lures, and baits to the reservoir to catch a more enormous trophy than their opponent. Various charity events accompany many competitions. This provides an opportunity to unite people and use fishing to help people or organizations in need.


The need to obtain a fishing license

One of the unfortunate issues that almost all Arizona fishermen will face is the requirement to obtain a fishing license. An exception is made only for children under ten years of age. Such a document will not be required from them. To become the license owner, you need to pay a certain amount, which may vary depending on the region where the reservoir is located. There are one-day and annual licenses. Each of them is valid for a specified period and becomes invalid after completion. There is also a universal license, which gives permission not only for fishing in Arizona but also for hunting within the state. After receiving the document, the fisherman must carefully read the local laws and fishing regulations. Otherwise, you can catch a representative of one of the protected species and receive a hefty fine.

A large number of other fishermen

Arizona is a popular destination for anglers. This positive feature causes disadvantages such as excessive congestion of reservoirs with other fishermen. This phenomenon is widespread during peak seasons when catching popular types of fish is allowed. The most popular places are the Colorado River, Bartlett Lake, Gila River, Canyon Lake, Lake Mohave, Salt River, and Big Lake. At the same time, the problem with many other fishermen is easily solved. To do this, choose less busy bodies of water where you can enjoy your favorite activity. If you want to fish exclusively on famous rivers and lakes, you can select seasons when there are few fishermen from other states in Arizona. This feature is observed from late autumn to early spring.

High temperatures

One of Arizona’s major drawbacks is its heat. It is observed mainly in the summer but sometimes in late spring or early autumn. At this time, the air temperature often rises above 30-35 degrees Celsius, automatically creating the most uncomfortable fishing conditions. Also, intense heat leads to temporary drying out of small rivers and streams, many of which are a favorite place for fishermen. It is impossible to influence this situation in any way. However, you can always return to your favorite body of water at a time when it is filled with water, and the air temperature drops to acceptable levels.

Arizona is known by many as an angler’s paradise. This is due to the vast number of benefits that everyone who picks up a fishing rod receives. At the same time, fishermen in Arizona may be in for a few nasty surprises. If you know about them in advance, you can cope with all the difficulties and get maximum pleasure from the process of fishing.


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