JBL Tower X

JBL Tower X
Speakers Aim Directly At Skiers, Boarders, Surfers, Tubers

Most marine stereo speakers produce music that bounces off the transom and reflects off the water, turning it into a distorted mush for anyone behind the boat. This is especially true when the volume is cranked up to be heard above the roar of an engine. The 8″ JBL Tower X Marine Speaker System from ProSpec Electronics was engineered specifically to overcome this common watersports problem. Aimed directly at skiers, boarders, surfers and tubers, the fully marinized speakers deliver exceptional clarity and provide an exciting, tunable LED light show.

The secret behind the JBL Tower X Marine Speaker System is in the distinctive angled face of the sleek UV-resistant black speakers. Pointed directly towards the listener’s position, the music is crisp and clear, whether it’s right off the stern or 70′ out. And for those inside the boat, the sound definition is equally pleasant but without the intensity.

JBL Tower X Marine speakers have long-throw polypropylene woofer cones with rubber surrounds that are matched to 1″ horn-loaded titanium compression tweeters. Each speaker produces 150Wrms, 450W peak power with a frequency response of 40Hz–20kHz, 4 ohms impedance, 92dB at 2.83V sensitivity. The result is JBL’s signature audiophile-quality sound with smooth, subtle highs and deep, distortion-free lows.

Another significant feature of the JBL Tower X Marine Speaker System is the light show it creates. The integrated LEDs are bright enough for use during the day and can be set to any of seven exciting colors. With a lighting controller, they’ll adjust to any conceivable RGB tone.

The speakers come with 360-degree rotating brackets that install on 1-3/4″ through 3″ bars. Wires can be routed through the mounts for a clean appearance. The 8″ JBL Tower X Marine Speaker System model MT8HLB from ProSpec Electronics costs $1,099.95/pair.

Contact local dealers or  ProSpec Electronics, 3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466.


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