Water Shade


Pop Up The Shade And Stay Cool

This is the first and only water-shade canopy float kit for consumer pop-up canopies.

Water ShadeThe Water Shade Canopy Float Kit’s patented design allows quick and easy setup with your pop-up canopy on any body of water! The pool, lake, river or even on the ocean, you will have shade. The Water Shade Canopy Float Kit consists of four inflatable pods, an air pump and tether that all easily store in the conveniently sized, breathable nylon tote bag that is included.

The tether allows for attachment to an existing anchor to help prevent the pop-up canopy from drifting. The Water Shade Wind Anchoring System utilizes weighted nylon-mesh bags that attach to the bottom of the pods and aid in wind interference.

The idea to float a pop-up canopy/portable shade came about when Water Shade’s founders Jeff and Tom Downey were “boating and floating” and needed shade to minimize getting sunburned. “There has to be a way to float our canopy out here on the water,” Jeff Downey stated, and that is when the idea of the Water Shade Canopy Float Kit was born.

The canopy float kit’s four inflatable pods, made of durable heavy-duty PVC vinyl, securely attach to each of the tent-leg stake holes of most standard 10’ x 10’ pop-up canopies with a custom-designed quick flip clip.

Now you and your family can stay cool in the shade and be protected from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays with Water Shade while on a boat in a cove, in a pool, along a lazy river, or wherever the water takes you.

For more information visit www.watershade.com



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