Destination: The Sea Of Cortez

Cunningham Presents A Valuable Guide For Boaters, Anglers
By Carol L. Allen

Gerry Cunningham has compiled a valuable resource for fishermen, scuba divers, sailors, whale watchers, shell collectors, kayakers, and many more.

His guide to Trailer Boating The Sea of Cortez, Gulf of California is an easy-to-read and well-organized publication that includes accurate navigation charts, maps, cruising guides, tide tables, light lists, and many photographs of this remarkable area.

In Cunningham s forward, he states that he has been cruising the Sea of Cortez under sail since 1957 and has written three cruising guides for long-distance cruisers. His present boat is a heavy full-keel 30-foot sloop.

One day his wife Ann said to him, "You know, there are many fishermen with small trailer boats who can t visit all of the 270 places you describe for cruisers. Why don t you write a book about all of the places they could go with a trailer boat"

And, he did.

Cunningham covers it all: driving in Mexico, fuel and road conditions, permits and insurance, drinks and snacks important things to know for the traveler in Mexico and these are just the beginnings.

There are sections on communications, on navigation, on launch ramps, and on weather, and they are geared to the trailer boater. Further, if you are going to Baja California from the West Coast, from Arizona and points east, the easiest routes are included. Or, if you are en route to the mainland Sonoran coast from the U.S. West Coast, from Arizona and points east, these directions are also included.

Enjoying Mexico is one of my favorite sections. It dispels some of the myths about Mexico and urges the traveler to enjoy the hospitality of the local people, including a list of the holidays that they celebrate just in case you are there to participate with them.

Beyond motor boating per se, Cunningham includes sections on other craft such as kayaks and sailboats. He also discusses fishing, scuba diving, whale watching, bird watching, and shelling. The bottom line is there is much to do in, on, and around the Sea of Cortez.

More specific sections of Cunningham s guide are details and charts on the Northern Gulf, Baja (San Felipe to Puertocitos); the Northern Gulf Mainland (Rocky Point); the Middle Gulf, mainland (Kino to San Carlos); the Middle Gulf, Baja (Bahia Willard to Mulege), and the Lower Gulf, Baja (Loreto to Cabo San Lucas

Within each region s description are helpful maps (including city streets, marinas, anchorages), colorful photographs, GPS coordinates, and charts. There is even a short Spanish vocabulary section geared to the boater.

As if this weren t enough to get any trailer boater started, Cunningham provides a relevant bibliography and a list of helpful Web sites. He seems not to have forgotten anything.

Personally, I think Gerry s wife Ann had a great idea!

For further information, visit, write to Box 976, Patagonia AZ 85624, or phone (520) 394-2393.

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