Destination: To The Cruising

Down Baja California To La Paz

By Penny And Bud Clark

Early morning light, cool crisp air, packing up the car from a night spent at a San Diego motel and we're off, really off!  We had gone to Tijuana the day before to get our Visas and some money exchanged for the trip so we wouldn't have to do it the day of our leaving. 

It's always a thrill for us to cross the border, either way.  This morning was no different; the roads were clear, and we passed the initial checkpoint without incident and proceeded down the coastal highway toward Ensenada on the toll road that takes $7.50 total by the time you get there a good four-lane road with beautiful and spectacular ocean views from Tijuana to Ensenada.  

Breakfast was at Alphonso's Pizza, in the downtown, waterfront part of Ensenada by the plaza with the huge flag. Great meal and very reasonable, our first "hand squeezed" orange juice'!  The true mark of Mexico is to watch them make it for you. 

Along The Way

With food taken care of for a while, we proceeded to Highway 1 and follow it down all the way to La Paz.  Our journey that morning took us through small, dusty, coastal towns just waking up for the day. 

Many agricultural farms, vineyards, and olive orchards ushered us southward along the highway, getting less and less frequent as we began our entrance to the Parque de Natural which lies in the middle of Baja California a preserve that holds at every turn of the road a vista of different cactus, rock formations, rolling hills with valleys that were lush in the spring and now high with brown wind-blown grasses. 

There were no cows along this section, so we were free to enjoy our surroundings; we did see an occasional wild burro feeding on these tall grasses. In the middle of the park there is a hotel for travelers to stay and use the facility as a base from which to explore the area by hiking or camping. 

It is a very nice hotel and there is a new Pemex station as well. The park begins just outside Rosarita and ends just outside of Gurerro Negro.

Good Food, Good Prices

We spent the night in Guerrerro Negro, which is in the state of Baja California Sur, and we gained an hour crossing the state line. We spent the second night at the Don Gus motel and had dinner there as well very good and again reasonable in price. 

The combination dinner and Chile Rellenos were excellent. Our waiter for the evening meal also served us our breakfast. He was very patient and helpful as we used Spanish in our ordering.

Off again, following the coast south with mountains in the distance that will provide us again with spectacular vistas and appreciation for the engineering of this road, the only link between Baja California and Baja California Sur. 

Up, up, and up, curving to the left and right then down, down, down for two hours until we reached Santa Rosalia on the eastern side of the Baja Sur. Now we were in the desert of the Baja, cactus, rocks and little patches of plant life surviving in the parched desert. 

Finally In La Paz

We continued down the coast through Mulege and Loreto, all towns along the coast, up and down mountains following the curves of the coastline.  We headed inland toward Cuidad Constitucion and Insurgentes, which take you south into La Paz.

It seems to take forever to get into La Paz, probably because it was a long two days on the road.  We arrived safely at our friends B & B called Casa Buena where we stayed for three nights until the boat was in the water.

We had arrived safely, and the season has begun with our arrival. We are excited to be working on the boat again and have great hopes and dreams for the upcoming cruising season!

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