Wayne Gustavson - Arizona Fisherman

By Wayne Gustaveson

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I have managed Lake Powell fisheries for Utah Division of Wildlife Resources since 1975. Over that time I have learned a few things about sport fishing.

When striped bass natural reproduction was discovered it soon became apparent that sport fishing harvest should be maximized to keep the fishery healthy.

I started doing weekly fish reports to help anglers find striped bass.

The fishing hotline was popular and I supplemented that with printed reports that were distributed at the marinas to tourists.

The Aramark PR guy dubbed those printed fish reports Waynes Words playing on the title of a popular movie at the time.

Since then the reports continue but now include a few more years experience and the Internet which allows much more information to be presented.

The goal remains the same: Help anglers find striped bass so they can harvest fish and keep all Lake Powell fish populations healthy.

The good news.... Its Working!
You can get in touch with me at: www.wayneswords.com

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