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AZBW strives to promote our advertisers through our different media forms.

Outdoor enthusiasts have been familiar with Arizona Boating & Watersports and Western Outdoor Times for over ten years. Our newer site Western Outdoor Times not only covers the familiar topics but also includes all of the western states, Canadian provinces, and some regions of Mexico.

We have been honored over the years to have received the 2008 and 2013 "Media of the Year" award from the Arizona Game & Fish Commission, and nationally the 2009 National Water Safety Congress Award of Merit.

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Media Of The Year — Any media source (radio, television, magazine, newsletter, or periodical) that has published articles or materials beneficial to public interest about wildlife or wildlife related topics and the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Awards are given in 13 categories to recognize individuals, organizations, clubs, groups, agencies or foundations that have contributed significantly to the welfare of Arizona's wildlife and the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

There are many things that affect us in the outdoor world. It is the goal of Arizona Boating & Watersports and Western Outdoor Times to publicize these happenings in an effort to let the public not only stay informed on what is available throughout the western outdoors but also to have some say in how their outdoor activities are managed.

Ten years ago (2005), Jim Allen and his wife Carol had the vision of starting a print and online publication that celebrated Arizona's outdoors. Throughout those years, their publication has promoted many outdoor activities and their inherent responsibilities for stewardship and safety. Examples include — but are not limited to — boating, camping, fishing, RVing, shooting sports, Watersports, and Wildlife.

The publisher Jim Allen, a Viet Nam-era veteran, has an extensive business background, outdoors experience, community involvement, and ongoing interest in the American Legion and in agencies that aid both wildlife and domestic animals.

The editor Carol Allen, B.A., M.A. is a community-college English instructor who has focused mainly on writing and journalism, receiving both a Rio Salado College and a Maricopa County district award as "Outstanding Faculty." She is active in many community-service and animal-welfare organizations as well as her church. She is a member of VFW and American Legion auxiliaries.

Both Jim and Carol treasure their times spent with family, especially in the outdoors.

This publication has received both state and national awards related to wildlife and water safety.

Throughout the publication's ten years, a main focus has been on the state's wildlife: its abundance, variety, value, beauty, and enrichment of human life. The paper has celebrated everything from Apache trout and striper bass, to Gambel's quail and California condors, to prong-horned antelope and big-horn sheep — the list is endless and ongoing. In every instance possible, educational (and often inspirational) articles reflect human responsibility in maintaining nature's balance and in respecting each living creature. (Although these guidelines permeate the entire publication, one special section ["Western Wildlife"] brings into focus the most current news of and concerns about our state's wildlife.) The entire crew at AZBW/WOT is committed to honoring, respecting, and taking responsibility for those who share our place on this planet, giving them voice when they are not able to speak for themselves.

A new part of AZBW's Active Advertising campaign is a service we offer whereby readers may order a glossy magazine style copy of Arizona Boating & Watersports. This is primarily for those who have been featured in an article, picture or special event. You may see an issue at MagCloud

AZBW is currently preparing a new magazine that will highlight the lakes of Arizona.

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Each issue is sponsored by one business. The cost to sponsor is $100 per issue.

Business Banner Page
You can place your banner ad on the Business Banners Page for only $100 per year. Contact Jim for availability.

Business Directory
This is a "service" directory. Your listing will appear in our print edition and online. The listing includes your business name, address, phone, e-email and web site. The cost is $120 per year. You may also add Bold Print for $10 per month.

On-Line Classified Ads at Western Outdoor Times are complimentary.

Arizona Boating & Watersports print ads run $25 per month for 20 words and one picture. Contact Jim for availability.

Examples of these directories would be the Arizona Lake List and the Arizona Marinas List. Directory listings run $120 per year. Contact Jim for availability.

Downstream is a FREE directory of upcoming events. It appears in print and on-line. Contact Editor to place your event.

E-mail Blast
This is sent to our AZBW/WOT Weekly Email Newsletter readers. The cost is $480. Call 480/947-6219, or email Jim Allen for availability.

Pricing varies based on your needs. Contact Jim for pricing and availability.

Main Web Page Link
We place your banner on the main page of Arizona Boating & Watersports. The cost is $360 per year.

Mini Billboards
A banner on the Mini Billboard page is $60 per year. Contact Jim for availability.

New Products
The ever-popular New Products Section is listed near the top of our newsletter and web site. Banner ads are available in this section. The cost is $120 per year. Contact Jim for availability.

Print Display Rates
Print display ads appear on-line as well as in our print edition. Call 480/947-6219, or email Jim Allen for availability and pricing.

Sponsored City Directories
An example of this would be the San Diego, California Report.

As a sponsor you would be able to send weekly information and updates on activities and events taking place in and around your sponsored city. The cost of page sponsorship is $100 per month

A link to your Sponsored Report Page would appear on the front page of Arizona Boating & Watersports. Contact Jim for availability.

Web Banner Rates
Call 480/947-6219, or email Jim Allen for availability and pricing.

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Great Ways To Publicize Your Business Without Spending Money

Editorial - A story about you or your company.

1. Go to Arizona Boating & Watersports or Western Outdoor Times and search for stories about you, your business, your product or your organization.

2. Click on those stories and like them on your social media sites.

3. If you don't have any stories or information contact us and provide us with an informational story. When your story is posted follow the above steps.

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Rock The Boat Chris Craft

The Rock The Boat project involves the restoration of vintage Chris-Craft boats.

Rock The Boat Sponsorships are available Contact Jim for pricing information.

Sponsor contributions are tax deductable.

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Searching for stories on this Web site will also show stories on Western Outdoor Times. This is a great way to find stories about you or your business.

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