Welcome Back The Trout

Stop Wishin’ You Were Fishin’; Get Your License Today!

Arizona is one of the best places to chase trout with our warm winter climates. Are you ready?

Arizona Rainbow Trout
Arizona Rainbow Trout

Don’t want to go too far? No problem! Arizona Game and Fish Department stocks community lakes near you! Our community fishing programs stocks 39 community waters. The community Fishing Program was designed to ensure that anglers in all incorporated communities within Arizona have fishing opportunities within five miles of home. Get your community fishing license today!

“If people can’t get to the fish, we’ll bring the fish to the people!”

Arizona is blessed with diverse fishing opportunities, from the large reservoirs to the lakes in the mountains, and plenty of low elevation fishing holes in between. Go out and catch a memory!  With a general fishing license you can fish close to home, at one of our stocked community locations, or go on an Arizona exploration and fish where your heart takes you. Your adventures await!

Hunting and fishing in Arizona can be combined into a cast-and-blast adventure! Arizona Game and Fish has the right all access adventure license for you! With our Combo License, not only will you save money but you will you get the best of both worlds right here in Arizona. Enhance your adventures with our Combo license and start your escapade today.

For the best shot and tackle, get your combo cast-and-blast license today!

Have visitors?  Do you want to try a new adventure for the day? Short-term combo licenses are perfect for you or someone visiting Arizona! With holidays coming up, family and friends will be coming into town. Take them outside to enjoy Arizona’s beautiful climate, with a day out on the lake or in the field.

Never tried fishing or hunting? Not ready to commit to an annual license? No Problem! With our short-term combo license, you can give it a spin! This inexpensive license will get you and your loved ones outside on a new adventure in no time!

Try a new adventure today with a short-term combo license!

Links To Schedules And Licenses

 The statewide stocking schedule: https://www.azgfd.com/Fishing/StockSchedule/ and licenses: https://www.azgfd.com/fishing/locations/welcome-back-the-trout/



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