Parker Canyon Lake Has Rainbows

Parker Canyon Lake Has Rainbows – Trout

Parker Canyon Lake Has RainbowsParker Canyon Lake southeast of Tucson is a winter fishing destination with mild temperatures  — and it was stocked recently with rainbow trout. The water temperature at the lake has been around 50 degrees, which is excellent for trout. Anglers wanting to catch the rainbow trout can use bait such as earthworms, mealworms, salmon eggs or PowerBait.

A good technique is to fish with light tackle and vary the depth, color and type of bait until you find where the fish are hanging out and the bait they prefer. Small lures such as spoons and spinners from Mepps or Rooster Tails are excellent choices. Anglers using small lures should work small areas of the lake in a fan pattern, covering all of the water in front of them and remember to vary the retrieval speed.


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