Baja Sur State Fishing Tournament – Loreto


It looks as if the Baja Sur State Fishing tournament event in Loreto was a big success.

Without seeing the final results, I can’t say much about the quantity or variety of the fish caught, although a Loreto team did weigh in a 42.5-pound dorado!

Baja Sur State Fishing Tournament - LoretoFishing enthusiasts from all over Baja were teamed up with many bringing their own trailer boats.

There were lots of give-away prizes and endless vendors of food and beverages, and making the event even sweeter was the weather.

The tropical storms turned west and left us with an overcast sky that sheltered everyone from the August sun!

Most of the contestants I talked with sang the same song that we had been hearing for the past few weeks,”No sargasso and few hits!” on anything trolled.

I’ll take the news of the 42.5-pound dorado as a sign of bigger fish as the summer cruises along!


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