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AZGFD Boating QuizTo learn much more about boating safety and regulations in Arizona, take the certified 8-hour Game and Fish Department boating safety classes. It’s fun and you can amaze your friends with your knowledge. You may even get a discount on your insurance!

Call today (623) 236-7235 to sign up or check the listings here ( )for a class near you. And, why not take the boater’s quiz to test your knowledge.

  1. When are navigation lights required?
  2. When do you have to report an accident?
  3. What size and type of fire extinguisher must you have on a 19 foot outboard bass boat?
  4. How old do you have to be in Arizona to operate a personal watercraft by yourself?
  5. How many people does it take to legally water ski in Arizona?
  6. What does an orange and white buoy with an orange circle mean?
  7. What are the personal flotation device (PFD) requirements for a 12 foot canoe?
  8. What direction is travel on Arizona lakes?
  9. What ages of children must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) whenever the boat is underway?
  10. What does a “no wake” area mean?


  1. Watercraft underway between sunset and sunrise.
  2. Whenever injury or property damage results from the accident.
  3. One B-I.
  4. Twelve.
  5. Three. One skier, one operator, and one observer.
  6. A controlled or restricted area such as a “no ski” area.
  7. One U.S. Coast Guard approved type I, II, or III wearable PFD for each person on board.
  8. Counterclockwise.
  9. Twelve and under.
  10. You must operate your boat at a speed that does not create a wake but in no case more than 5 mph.



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