Yakima High School Pirate Press – March 2019


Yakama High School

Ahoy, Fellow Pirates!

The planning continues for our 62nd reunion at the VFW in Yakima  — 118 S 5th Ave ,  Yakima, Washington 98902,  (509) 457-5400 — on Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 5-8 p.m. (The Post is very close to our alma mater.)

Yakima High School
Yakima High School

I intend to send out a spring update via Pirate Press and Facebook and then a mailing in the late summer of 2019. I need your help with this as I have neither email nor mailing addresses for everyone in our class. Please spread the word and let me know — even now — if you probably will attend (and how many with you?). My email is editor@azbw.com (mailing address: 7620 E. McKellips Road, Ste. 490, Scottsdale, AZ 85257.)

Yakima High School

This will be a casual, informal gathering with no “program” to speak of – just a chance to visit and share our stories and remember those who have sailed on to other seas.



  • From the past reunions committee I received $610 for this 62nd reunion. As I did not set up a separate account for that, I have kept the money in a personal account I rarely use.
  • Fortunately, the Yakima Post is renting us the room for $200 (same rate as they charge their own members). They very kindly gave me the same discounted price because of my membership in the VFW Auxiliary here in Scottsdale.
  • I am planning on sending them a check for $200 this month, which will leave $410 in our account.
  • The Yakima Post will need to know the number attending by late summer, so they can order the *appetizers mentioned below. The cost for the appetizers is $12 per person. I divided $400 by $12 to get the number that amount would serve: 33. However, it already looks as if we will have at least that many attending.
  • Consequently, I am asking that you each mail a check — made out to Carol L. Allen –for $12 (per attendee) to me at the following address:
    Carol L. Allen, 7620 East McKellips Road, Ste. 490, Scottsdale, Arizona 85257.
  • That will facilitate the following: 1) give me an accurate account of the number attending, 2) leave some funds for mailing (@ 55 cents per notice), and 3) satisfy the Post’s requirements to pay ahead for the snacks.
  • If there is money left over, you can let me know your wishes, and I’ll go with the majority: 1) give it to a classmate who may want to continue our reunions, 2) perhaps provide a free beverage to attendees, or 3) donate any extra to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 359, Yakima Washington.
  • If you have other thoughts, please let me know.

Probable Attendees to Date: 30+

  • I have compiled this list from your Pirate Press and Facebook responses.
  • Please check to see if your name (and maiden name) are there and the number attending with you. It would also be helpful if you again provide your email and other contact information.
  • For those on this list, I will probably not send a “snail mail” and save us 55 cents each (thanks, US Postal Service), but you will receive another Pirate Press closer to the reunion.
  1. Andy and Lois Thompson 2
  2. Jim and Carol (Lemon) Allen 2 (Carol can do the “blessing” and the pause to remember those past)
  3. Ann (Baker) and Doug MacNeil 2
  4. Ann (Collins) Reed 1?
  5. Sara (Harris) and Marty Benum 2
  6. Beverly Fickle 1?
  7. Carlene (Bender) and Chuck Williams 2
  8. John Ponath (in charge of the “ice breaker”)
  9. Ed Smithhisler
  10. Mike Smithhisler 1
  11. Dave and Sharon Cummins 2
  12. Ken and Kathy Coglon 2
  13. Ed Nolan 1
  14. Dennis Hart 1?
  15. Elsie (Alexander) Pearson
  16. Sue and Chuck Woodruff
  17. Gary McPherson 1?
  18. Gordon Dean 2?
  19. Nancy (Reimenschneider) Strain 1?
  20. Sydna (Reese) and Paul Pankey 2


David and Sheila Lombard 2

Dennis Thome 1?

Frances Trudeau 1?


Ray Brown

Kelly Johns


Cheese, Crackers, Fruit, Veggies, Chips and Dip, Cookies, etc.  $12.00 per person (includes plates, napkins, utensils, etc.)

And, although this does not directly apply to us or our reunion, it might interest you to see what the Post’s beverage selections and pricing (as of press time)in case you arrive early/stay late and want to order on your own:

  • Coffee, Tea, Well Soda  $2.00
  • Well Drinks  $4.25
  • Domestic Drafts  $3.50
  • Domestic Bottles  $3.75
  • Domestic Cans  $3.00
  • IPA Drafts  $5.50
  • Import Bottles  $4.50
  • Wine  $4.25  glass

Pirate_Press_MascotI look forward to hearing from you, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Carol (Lemon) Allen



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