On The Cover October 2022


Go Fish!

On The Cover October 2022
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Tournaments Are Time — For Some Great Fish Tales!

There’s no doubt about it: These times are stressful in so many ways, including financially, politically, and emotionally – to name only three. This is one of the reasons we are featuring fishing this issue. When times are tough, tight lines are just plain good medicine. Are you worried – as many of us are – about the ballot box? Of course you are, but for just a little while, we suggest you change that ballot box focus onto to your tackle box instead. Even for a day, you may be able to breathe in a little refreshment.

We’ve mentioned a few events that are upcoming in the Southwest, evidence that the good folks at Bass Junkyz, at FishAZ of Arizona Game & Fish, Let’s Talk Fishin’, and WON bass understand the need to cast a line and invite you to review the upcoming schedules included in this issue.  …  More


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