Lees Ferry Fishing Report March 2020


Anglers Celebrate 30 Years

Up-River Summary

Hard to believe, but Lees Ferry Anglers is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We certainly appreciate — and thank — our loyal customers who have made this all possible!

Lees Ferry Fishing Report March 2020
Inflatable rafts are lined up for launch at Lee’s Ferry.

We are expecting 2020 to be the best fishing we have seen in several years. The overall condition of the fish is superb, and we are seeing fish of all sizes, from little guys to big fish and everything in between. Last year, we saw more big fish in the river than any time in the last few decades. We did not catch many of them since they were in water deeper than one can effectively fly fish, but they are here. Perhaps this will be the year that more of these large fish (22- to 30-inches) move into shallower water to feed.

Another thing that will contribute to a great year of fishing: There should be an abnormally large flow of nutrients from Lake Powell. Last spring, Lake Powell rose more than 50 feet and the rivers flowing into Powell stirred up a lot of nutrient-rich sediment in the lake which, over time, is transported to the dam and then into the river.

This nutrient-rich water will translate into explosive growth of algae and food for aquatic insects. A tailwater is only as healthy as the lake that feeds it and Lake Powell is in great shape for this year. Current snow-pack for the Lake Powell drainage is sitting at 111 percent of normal which bodes well for next year, too.

The river temperatures have returned to normal after being elevated.

Kayak Horseshoe Bend

Lees Ferry Anglers is excited to announce Kayak Horseshoe Bend, a kayak, canoe, paddleboard and inflatable watercraft backhaul service. We move people with small boats from the launch ramp at Lees Ferry (the beginning of the Grand Canyon) 15 miles up the Colorado River to just below the Glen Canyon Dam.

You can make a day of it floating back to Lees Ferry or ask your captain to drop you off anywhere along the way for a float that fits your schedule — even just a couple hours. We will haul you, your boat and equipment upriver for the day, or you can camp at one of the campsites upriver and float back at your leisure. We also rent kayaks.Cost for the trip is $75 per person and a single kayak rental is $25 per day, a tandem kayak is $45 per day. We have multiple launches per day starting early in the morning.


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