Lake Havasu Secret

Lake Havasu Has A Secret To Share

There is a vast network of launch ramps, alternatives to the busiest ones.

This never been easier to get out on Lake Havasu, thanks to a new launch ramp in the city and a summer has vast network of ramps stretching from Topock Gorge to the north and south to Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge.

Want to know a secret? You can launch your boat in Lake Havasu at more locations than Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu Marina or Cattail Cove. Read on to discover new and existing options to get you out on the water — faster and more conveniently.

Here’s a tip: avoid the most popular launch sites such as Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu Marina, or Cattail Cove. Local favorite launch sites with less waiting time include Crazy Horse Campgrounds, Havasu Springs Resort (about 23 miles south of town), and Site Six across London Bridge on the island. The long-awaited Havasu Riviera Marina opened in May and has eased waiting times dramatically, according to Concannon.

Note: Site Six has a steep ramp leading to the water, so be careful — it tends to get slippery.

The long-awaited Havasu Riviera Marina opened for the first time in May. It was designed to help reduce the congestion at the Site Six and Lake Havasu State Park launch ramps.

Many of the resorts around Lake Havasu have private launch ramps. Some are free; others have fees. All are great options to get your boat on the water faster.

For a complete list of well over 50 available launch lanes, visit:


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