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Welcome To Kokopelli Trailers

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Kokopelli Trailers is owned by Uriah Owsley. He started building trailers in 1999 for a company on the East Coast. With a passion for building quality trailers and a dream to own his own company one day, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2010 and opened Kokopelli Trailers.

Kokopelli Trailers builds the same high quality trailers on the West Coast that the boating community on the East Coast has long been accustomed to. Our process and perfect location in the valley of Phoenix has helped eliminate the high cost of shipping brand new trailers from coast-to-coast.

Kokopelli Trailers will be donating a custom built bass boat trailer to the upcoming Ivan Nelson Fishing Classic.

Kokopelli Trailers now serves the states west of the Mississippi River, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, Guam, Virgin Islands, New Zealand, and Tahiti.

With their expertise, attention to detail, and the use of quality materials, Kokopelli Trailers hopes to expand your boating experience.

Why Choose KoKopelli —

  • over16 years’ experience
  • strict adherence to standards and high quality
  • unprecedented attention to detail
  • lifetime craftsmanship warranty

When We Say, ‘Custom Boat Trailers’, We Mean It!

Our custom aluminum boat trailers are built to fit your exact make and model of boat. At Kokopelli Trailers, we take pride in our attention to detail. Keep in mind when considering purchasing custom aluminum boat trailers, many professional boaters opt to purchase aluminum boat trailers, as they are more lightweight than galvanized steel, less expensive, low maintenance, durable and are also easier to keep clean and always look great.

Examples —

·          PONTOON TRAILERS: Why leave your pontoon sitting in the slip? Travel from lake to lake in style with a Kokopelli Trailer. Its time to launch your dreams. Possibilities are endless.

·         CATAMARAN TRAILERS:  At Kokopelli Trailers, we take pride in enhancing the beauty of your water craft. With our attention to detail and expertise, you’ll be the envy of boaters everywhere.

·         BASS BOAT TRAILERS: Why should you be stuck to one fish hole? Explore the possibilities with a Kokopelli Trailer. Besides, you know the other spot has bigger fish. Go get em!

·         V-HULL BOATS: While V-hull style boats are common, you can be the one who stands out. Kokopelli Trailers is tough enough to withstand the roughest oceans and the calmest lakes in style.



  1. hello.
    I got your info from Randy at Gerry’s Marine in Henderson. I have 2005 Chapparal 350 that
    I need a trailer for. Do you have any used trailers that would house this 37 foot boat?
    If not, how much would it cost to build a basic trailer for the Chapparal?


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