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Here’s Some Advice from the Kokopelli ‘Professors’

Bearing Buddies

Due to loose rubber on the grease caps or the caps’ getting damaged, all Kokopelli Trailers come with Bearing Buddy. It will be the best way to keep your spindles, bearings and hubs in the best condition for the longest amount of time. If you already have a Kokopelli Trailer and would like to replace your grease caps with Bearing Buddies please call or email to get them sent out.

  • Replaces the grease cap in the axle hub
  • Prevents wheel-bearing failure
  • Keeps water and dirt out of hubs and bearings
  • Allows boat trailer wheels to be completely submerged
  • Stops corrosion and pitting on bearings
  • Provides easily accessible grease fitting
  • Makes adding grease to the bearings quick and simple
  • Maintains slight, controlled pressure (3 psi) with spring-loaded piston, preventing water from entering hub
  • Allows visual monitoring of grease levels with blue indicator ring
  • Ring sits flush with top of cylinder when full
  • If ring is below top, add grease to move piston outward 1/8″
  • Prevents overfilling and rear seal damage with automatic pressure-relief feature
  • Grease seeps around piston edges and into barrel when full
  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Ensures longer-lasting fit than plastic or aluminum products
  • Includes rubber covers
  • Installs easily
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Bearing Buddy Operation

* Replace your existing grease cap with a Bearing Buddy to ensure a safe, easy way to monitor and control the level of grease in your axle hub.
* To adjust the amount of grease in the hub, use a grease gun to add more through the appropriate fitting.
* Adding grease moves the Bearing Buddy spring-loaded piston outward 1/8″.
* The O-ring inside the barrel of the Bearing Buddy maintains a seal from the outside.
* The interior of the Bearing Buddy is pressurized, preventing water from entering the barrel and diluting the grease.
* An automatic pressure-relief feature is built into the Bearing Buddy. When the device is full, grease will seep around the edges of the piston and into the barrel. This prevents overfilling that can damage the inner seal.
* The blue indicator ring allows you to visually monitor the amount of grease in your hub. The ring should sit flush with the top of the cylinder. If the ring is below the top of the cylinder, add grease until the piston moves 1/8″ outward.

And, FYI

Every Kokopelli trailer includes aluminum wheels!

Kokopelli TrailersFor more information, call (602)256-1300 or email  info@kokopellitrailers.com.


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