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Your Home Town Bass Boat Trailer Builder

This Local Builder Is Ready For Any Boat In Any Season

Pontoon Trailers

Pontoon Boat Trailer

Getting those pontoon boats out to the docks has never been more stylish. Kokopelli Trailers makes the trailers that help launch family parties, corporate events, and good times.

Why leave your pontoon sitting in the slip? Travel from lake to lake in style with a Kokopelli Trailer. It’s time to launch your dreams. The possibilities are endless.

Catamaran Boat Trailers

At Kokopelli Trailers, we take pride in enhancing the beauty of your water craft. With our attention to detail and expertise, you’ll be the envy of boaters everywhere.

Bass Boat Trailers

Bass Boat Trailer

Why should you be stuck to one fish hole? Explore the possibilities with a Kokopelli Trailer.

Besides, you know the other spot has bigger fish. Go get em!



Jet Renu Products are also available at Kokopelli Trailers

V-Hull Boats

V-Hull Trailer

While V-hull style boats are most common. You can be the one that stands out. Kokopelli Trailers is tough enough to withstand the roughest oceans and the calmest lakes in style.



Trailer Sizes

  • Kokopelli Trailers3,500 – 5,000 pound | Single Axle | 14-23 foot
  • 6,000 – 12,000 pound | Tandem Axle | 19-31 foot
  • 10,500 – 28,000 pound | Triple Axle | 24-46 foot



Contact Kokopelli

Kokopelli Trailers

Address: 1424 E Broadway RD, Phoenix, AZ 85040

Phone:  (602)256-1300

Email:  info@kokopellitrailers.com

Web:  Kokopelli Trailers

Kokopelli Trailers


  1. UGH, we have a 2015 22ft Lowe Tritoon with 200 engine…we are loosing our trailer due to salt water and it not being Aluminum or Galvinized .. Old trailer came with boat new…

    Went to start prepping boat for memorial day in San Diego Bay, found that someone had backed into trailer AND ran at our boat storage…so it bent the front beam and with the age and salt water its a goner. Boat has been in storage since last July when my husband was diagnoced with stage 4 cancer.

    So what we would like is something to tow our boat back and forth to the river, and the Bay and Ocean…Tandem tritoon with brakes and lights and ladder…

    Cost PLEASE and turn around of completion..and we could come out and pick it up when finished..

    Sherri 619 871 7653


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