Descale-It Products Company/Seaspots Gone


Their Products Are Effective And Environmentally Friendly

I was first introduced to Descale-It products in 2007. We were primarily a boating related publication at the time and concentrated on Descale-It’s boating products.

Over the years we became aware of the wide range of products that Descale-It offers. Descale-It R Products Company offers a complete product line of effective cleaning and descaling products for both household and industrial applications.

Seaspots Gone –

. Cleans pumps and louvers;

. Cleans the interior and exterior of your boat and household;

. Is safe on all surfaces;

. Keeps boats, jet skis, RVs, and other water sports equipment shining and calcium free;

. Removes rust and oxidation from tools, etc.;

. Removes water spots, scale build-up and soils, and

. Works with both fresh and salt water, without scratching or clouding.

Seaspots Products Are –

. 100 percent biodegradable and without dangerous fumes;

. Non-toxic; and,

. Non-irritating to skin.

The naturally occurring active ingredient in their products is non-corrosive and non-flammable. Seaspots Gone won’t scratch, pit, etch or corrode non-porous surfaces.

Seaspots Gone products are completely biodegradable and without dangerous fumes. They use ingredients that are used in facials and toothpaste. You can take a quick look at their products here.

Effective And Safe

Descale-It Products Co., the manufacturer of Seaspots Gone, believes that everyone must act responsibly to help reverse the depletion of world resources. For over two decades, Descale-It Products Co. have been part of the solution, making highly effective, safe, biodegradable cleaning products. Seaspots Gone has become the product of choice for many sports enthusiasts throughout the country. “If you have found the best, you can’t use the rest” is what we have been told.

Simple To Use

Directions are simple and easy to use. To remove light water deposits or soils, just spray Seaspots Gone on surfaces and allow films to soften, rinse and wipe with a sponge and water.For tough scum or thick alkaline deposits, spray and let soak for 30-60 minutes, rinse and brush. Repeat if necessary.  Years of build-up may require an “overnight” treatment.

Their Product Works

They believe in supplying cleaner/descaling products for both the consumer and industrial user while preserving the environment for our future generations. They are committed to offer GREEN cleaning products that work!

Descale-It products are available at most marine stores in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. They are also available at Marine Wholesale and on Amazon. For a list of retail locations and ordering information click here.

For More Information

For additional information call: (520) 294-5676, FAX: (520) 294-9227 or click here.  


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