Arizona Premier Trails System Accepting Nominations For The 100 Best Trails In Arizona


Nominate Your Favorite Trail

When it comes to epic beauty and dramatic diversity, no state compares to Arizona. And trails are the key to unlocking that treasure chest of scenic wonders.

Trails in Arizona cross wild desert where the cactus grow tall as office buildings. Trails weave among towering red rock formations, ramble through sprawling pine forests and circle high country lakes sparkling like jewels. Trails clamber into the depths of a canyon so immense and breathtaking it’s simply called Grand.

Will Your Favorite Make The List?

Now for the first time, the 100 best trails in the state will be named as part of the new Arizona Premier Trails System. Will your favorite trail make the list?

“This is not going to be just another best trails list,” said Sue Black, Executive Director of Arizona State Parks. “Arizona Premier Trails will set a new standard by recognizing the most exceptional trails throughout the state.”

Trails being considered for the Arizona Premier Trails System program will need a comprehensive list of attributes and features to become eligible for the statewide Arizona Premier Trails System designation. This list will be unveiled in 2017 and will include all types of non-motorized trails from hiking, biking and equestrian trails to river and riparian trails.

What’s more, the group behind the new trail system, Arizona State Committee on Trails (ASCOT), is looking for public input on which trails should be considered for this prestigious designation. ASCOT will use public input to encourage land management agencies and trails groups to submit official nominations for supported trails.

Need To Hear From The ‘Trail Savvy’

“It is a huge undertaking to choose the best 100 best trails in this remarkable state, so we need to hear from folks that are out there exploring and who are the most trail savvy,” said Roger Naylor, author, and member of the Arizona Premier Trail System nomination review committee.

Individuals, clubs, organizations and communities throughout Arizona who support, and recreate on, the state’s vast network of trails are invited to become involved in the selection process. So if you’d like to hike it, hoof it, bike it or paddle it, go to and nominate it for consideration as an Arizona Premier Trail. Nominate as many trails as you deem worthy of this distinguished honor.

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ASCOT serves in an advisory capacity to Arizona State Parks. The overall mission of the State Trails Program is to promote, develop, and preserve non-motorized trail opportunities throughout the state for mountain bikers, hikers, equestrian, and water trail users.

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