Arizona Lakes, Arizona Pros – Alamo With Greg Pishkur

Alamo has great bass, catfish, and crappie fishing. We were up there with Greg Pishkur one May and we caught a bunch of nice largemouth on Chatterbaits in the main lake. Greg also took us up into the submerged trees in the river end and we tied into some big bass flipping white jigs.

There’s Great Fishing For Bass, Cats, And Crappie

Catchin’ Crappie

AZ Lakes, AZ Pros: Alamo With Greg PishkurIf you want to catch crappie at Alamo just go out at night and soak some minnows under a floating light. There are a lot of trees sticking out of the water that make it easy to tie up and stay in one spot. If you don’t want the hassle of keeping minnows alive, try small Power Grubs or Yamamoto grubs on 1/8-ounce pea-heads. You can fish them under a bobber or jig them by hand. Get a two-pole stamp and put out some nightcrawlers for catfish while you’re at it.

Night Fish For Bass

Night fishing for bass is equally good at Alamo. Pishkur showed us several of his best areas, including the small coves near the dam and the steep rocky banks adjacent to the dam. He fishes topwater baits, jigs, plastic worms, and Senkos all around those areas, as well as flipping the trees.

If Fish Are Stubborn

If the fish are being stubborn, Pishkur switches to a drop-shot rig and fishes a little deeper. Across from the main ramp there are points and fingers hidden under the water, and they are covered with submerged brush. He has good luck fishing amongst these mossy branches. He uses 8-pound fluorocarbon line and little Chronarch reel, and he rigs up with Bass Pro XPS cylinder drop shot weights and Gamakatsu drop shot hooks.

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“Just drop it down and jiggle it,” Pishkur advises, “then move to the next spot.” He doesn’t soak his drop-shot baits, he says.

Finding Alamo

Alamo Lake is on the Bill Williams River north of Wenden in west central Arizona. If you take Highway 60 to Wenden and go north from there, the road is paved all the way in. Contact Alamo Lake State Park at 1-877-MYPARKS. Alamo has great camping, a store, cabins, boat ramps, and great weather this time of year.

Get out there before it gets hot!


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