$5 Road Leads To $3 Mil Campground!!

Publisher’s Note:  This article was originally contributed by Penny & Bud Clark. The Clarks’ story contained this photo which was contributed by Go-Arizona.com.

We have taken the liberty of updating the story to a degree.  Since the original article appeared we have found a new guide to Arizona provided by Your RV Lifestyle.  I’m sure that Arizona travelers will find this new guide most informative.


We had five days to play, so we chose someplace close that we hadn’t been to before.

This trip we were headed to Williams, looking for good fishing spots and campgrounds.

The map showed a few lakes southeast of Williams in the Kaibab. So, off we went, taking the bypass north of Prescott, another surprise for us and through Chino Valley, picked up some groceries and headed for Williams and I-40.

The country was beautiful — cool, clear air, rolling hills dotted with trees increasing the closer we got to Williams.

Going through Williams, we thought it would be fun to follow Route 66 through Arizona some time. The town is quaint and touristy with little shops and cafes for eating those famous hamburgers of the ’50s!

Found Fourth Street and started south for Dog Town Lake to check it out. It was several miles on a dirt road, and we were lucky enough to see a herd of deer cross the road in front of us. When we got there, the lake was very low, the campground seemed nice, and the host was informative about when the lake is stocked (planted), the first and third weeks of May.

We headed farther south, on the Perkinsville Road to the White Horse Lake road, about 12 miles from Dog Town Lake. White Horse Lake was yet another 8-10 miles from the turnoff.

It was on this road that we saw a herd of sheep crossing the road. The road was dusty, bumpy, and no speed seemed to settle the RV to a comfortable noise level. We did discover that if you go faster (35 mph), you miss some of the bumps, and it smooths out just a bit.

Pulling into White Horse Lake Campground was a wonderful surprise. First off, it was practically empty; second, it was beautiful setting- water in the lake, grass and trees all around it, nice sloping shoreline to fish from and the campsites  – oh, the campsites!

There are asphalt areas to park your rig, a concrete circular pad that has a fire-pit and picnic table, and then there is an area for a tent that is on small-size gravel and is enclosed with logs as a boundary.

It was the most beautiful campsite I had ever seen. The camp hosts came right over and cleaned it up, saying they hadn’t gotten to it yet because someone had just left an hour ago. What service in such a beautiful place!

We talked with the hosts Tim and Linda Kinzer and learned about the area, fishing, hiking, Sycamore Falls and Canyon. We spent four delightful days there — hiking, bike riding, and the fishing would have been great had we gotten licenses before we left.

But, we watched fishermen pull in lots of fish. It will be a place to which we return frequently — to fish, to sail and just to relax and play.

Happy RVing!



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