$5.746 Million in Loans for Boating Facilities Approved


Recipients Are Santa Barbara Harbor and Glen Cove Marina

SACRAMENTO–The California Boating and Waterways Commission (Commission) today approved $5.746 million in boating facility improvement loans. The loan recipients are:

Santa Barbara Harbor, Santa Barbara County

The Commission approved a $4,781,000 loan to the City of Santa Barbara Waterfront Department to fund improvements for the Marina One replacement project at the Santa Barbara Harbor. The project will be completed through 10 phases over a period of 11 years, cost approximately $10,500,000 and will encompass the full replacement of the main head walk and fingers A and P. The requested loan is intended to fund the first four phases.

Glen Cove Marina, Solano County

The Commission approved a $965,000 loan to Nima Gabbay, owner of Glen Cove Marina. Funds will be used to bring the marina’s public restrooms up to ADA access standards, dredge the harbor and marina slips to provide access for boaters and tenants, and add to the landscaping of the marina for better public use and access to the Bay Trail.

Grant and loan applications are submitted to the California Department of Boating and Waterways and funding for approved projects is derived from the taxes paid by boaters on the purchase of vessel gasoline and the repayment of principal and interest on department-made loans.

The department provides grants to a county, city, district or other public agency for the construction of small craft boating launching facilities and loans to local agencies for the construction of small craft harbors. These grants and loans require the consent of the seven-member Boating and Waterways Commission.


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