Lucy Eagle Hawk’s First Catch



Lucy Eagle Hawk First Catch
Photo Credit Gerald Oliver, Jr

(IOWA 2009) Lucy Eagle Hawk, 4, stands proudly with her first fish — a 13-inch, 1.5-pound bass, caught at Union Grove Lake in Garwin, Iowa.

This was Lucy’s first fishing trip. Her uncle taught her how to use an open fishing rod. He only showed her three times, and she caught right on. She kept repeating, “Hold the line, open it, and throw.” After almost an hour had passed, the anglers moved to the other side of the lake. Lucy was standing beside her uncle, who, at that time, had caught three bass. Lucy told him, “Uncle, I got a fish,”and he said, “Reel it in; reel it in.” Her little arms were moving the reel quickly — until she saw the fish come out of the water. Lucy dropped the rod and was off running. (Luckily, her uncle grabbed the rod, laughing.) He was able to catch this picture. Lucy attends school at South Tama Elementary School in Tama, Iowa.

Her uncle Gerald Oliver, Jr. is a seasoned fisherman in Iowa and likes taking his family on fishing trips.


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