Emergency Plan Includes Manual Bilge Pump

United States Coast Guard does not give recommendations for marine equipment.


If a boat takes on water it is not unusual for the electrical system to fail, leaving standard 12-volt bilge pumps inoperable. Reliable and easy-to-use Thirsty-Mate® self-priming hand pumps from Beckson Marine quickly remove water, making them essential safety equipment for any vessel.

The Thirsty-Mate 124 Series bilge pump measures 24″ L and 1-3/4″ in diameter, allowing it to move one gallon of water with every six strokes for a 10 gpm capacity. Made in the USA, the self-lubricating pump features an angled top sleeve, a contoured red Tee handle and a self-priming plunger valve for ease of use.

Bilge Pump
Bilge Pump

Fabricated from a special non-conductive polyvinyl material for safety and utilizing solvent-welded construction, the Thirsty-Mate 124 Series won’t rust, corrode or mar the boat’s finish. It will withstand temperatures of up to 120° F. A removable foot valve facilitates cleaning after use.

Three models are available: the standard 124PF with a 24″ hose, the 124PF6 with a 72″ hose and the 124P pump alone. Suggested retail prices are $41.60, $55.25 and $34.05 respectively.

With solutions for a range of boating applications, Beckson Marine also offers Thirsty-Mate hand pumps in a 6 gpm 118 Series, a 13 gpm 136 Series, and a compact 8 gpm 224 Series.

Contact local dealers or Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT  06605. Email: sales@beckson.com; visit www.beckson.com.


The United States Coast Guard does not give recommendations for marine equipment.  They do offer assistance with approval.

APPROVAL GUIDANCE & INFORMATION: See 46 CFR 160.013.  The Coast Guard does not test materials or systems for approval but rather specifies the required test methods and minimum performance criteria for approval.  Product testing must be performed by a Coast Guard Accepted Independent Laboratory.

SUBMITTAL PACKAGE:  Please submit the follow information in the Submittal Package:

  • A cover letter requesting Coast Guard Type Approval of the equipment.
  • Required drawings/specification of the equipment.

For more information on submitting equipment you may contact www.uscg.mil/hq/cg5/cg5214/survivalequip.asp.




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