August 2006

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Arizona Breaking News

Police seek help from the public to identify remains

Man from Uzbekistan Dies after Near-Drowning Incident

Carbon Monoxide Suspected in Near-Death Drownings at Lake Pleasant

CPSC Warns Consumers about Dangers of Tube Kiting Two Deaths over the Past 3 Months Attributed to New Water Sport

Arizona Watersports

A CAT-ASTROPHE -- It's important that ALL boaters wear pfds!

After a series of recent accidents in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Superintendent Kitty Roberts is reminding visitors to think of safety when visiting the park.

Superintendent Roberts said, "Long, hot summer days can be some of the most fun, but visitors should always remember to take appropriate precautions when visiting Glen Canyon.

Wear your life jacket, drink plenty of water, watch the weather, keep an eye on your kids, and know your limits."

(Superintendent Roberts is not the Kitty shown on the left.)

Summer monsoon thunderstorms can bring dangerous lightening, hail, rain, and winds. On July 30, a visitor from Gilbert, Ariz., was killed when lightening directly struck him while he was riding a personal watercraft on Lake Powell near Wahweap marina. (more)

Scottsdale Synchro Does Well In Seattle

Scottsdale Synchro swimmers had an awesome time in Seattle at the Nationals!

Our 16-17 team is composed of mostly 14- and 15-year-olds. We have one swimmer of the seven who is actually 16; all the others are younger, but the rules say we have to swim in the age group of the oldest.

We placed 10th - which is fantastic because all the other teams had much older girls. Our girls looked so small compared to most - but we packed a punch!

Arizona Department of Game and FishArizona Game & Fish

Arizona Game And Fish Heritage Fund Helps Education Whether you won or lost when you bought a lottery ticket last year, some of your money is likely going to benefit something you would approve of helping Arizona's schools and universities.

State Warns Of Danger Of Buying Hurricane-Damaged Watercraft The Arizona Game and Fish Department is warning consumers about hurricane-damaged boats and personal watercraft in the nation�s used-watercraft market.

Prolonged Drought Could Increase Bear Encounters The long-awaited prime camping season is here and the Arizona Game and Fish Department wants to remind people heading into the cool, high country to be bear aware and keep a clean campsite.

Arizona Lakes

Past and Present Features: Lake Havasu | Lake Mead | Lake MohaveLake Powell | Other Arizona Lakes

Lyman Lake Imagine a big body of water surrounded by the beautiful high desert of northeastern Arizona - a place big enough to ski on, but with a large no-wake area where a fisherman can relax and concentrate on getting a bite. Now put this paradise at an elevation of almost 6,000 feet for cool fall and spring getaways, and you have Lyman Lake.

Time For The Family On Lake Havasu Nearly every non-holiday weekend from May to November, Lake Havasu is home to a regatta for one of the high-performance custom-boat manufacturers located in the Southwest.


Why Paddle A Boat?

The best aerobic exercise in Arizona, good for all ages, is paddling a kayak. It doesn't put a strain on any joints.

I t provides a regular rhythm for a fat-burning heart rate. It is a great stress-reliever, and it provides a calming link to nature.

Best of all, it is fun! Kayaking is an all-purpose exercise, with something for everyone.

I'm not talking about the whitewater action you may have seen on television. Although we have river kayaking on the Verde and the Salt, I'm talking about a flat-water paddle on any on Arizona's beautiful lakes and reservoirs.

Radar: Eyes Through Dark And Fog Anyone who�s spent much time on the water in Southern California has been in fog so thick visibility was down to maybe a boat length. Anyone who�s run a boat at night in San Diego Bay or near the Los Angeles harbor knows the confusion of lights along shore that mask lights on the water.

USPS Districts Hold Five-StateMeeting In Phoenix Three United States Power Squadron Districts will meet with boaters representing squadrons from five states as well as Japan in a four-day Tri District Meeting in Phoenix.

Morning Light Crew to be Chosen from 538 Applicants

Downstream Events Calendar, Beginning Aug. 2006

Lies and Sea Stories

Yachts for Sale

Arizona Fishing

Lisa Sternard of Tennessee

Women�s Bassmaster Tour In Full Swing

Beginning April 20-22 at Neely Henry Lake, Ala., continuing May 18-20 at Lake Lewisville, Texas, and, at press time, July 27-29 at Lake Norman, N.C., the 2006 Women�s Bassmaster Tour is providing exciting competition for women anglers from across the county.

Four Arizonans, including Darla McDowell of "Outdoors Arizona" and "Outdoors in America" radio shows, were competing as of press time. Results will be available on

Fitness Required For Tournament Angling Now, I must admit, when I first learned that I would be writing about such a topic, I was a bit skeptical. I grew up fishing in eastern Nebraska, and I always thought of fishing as relaxing.

Fly Fishing Made Easy

Arizona August Bass Tournaments

A Report On Some ICAST '06 �Goodies'

Catfish Nuggets: Barbecued Hawaiian Style

Fish Have to Eat

Where to Fish

Coast Guard News

Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday www.GoodSeach.Com, the altruistic search engine providing charities and non-profit groups with income based upon Web searches has again chosen to honor the men and women who are members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, as well as the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc.

Ethanol Becomes Suspect In Fiberglass Fuel Tanks BoatU.S. Technical Services, through surveyors and boat owners has received a handful of complaints ranging from destroyed engines to leaking fuel tanks. Oddly, none of the owners reported clogging fuel filters.

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Celebrates 67 Years The Auxiliary, an all volunteer workforce of over 31,000 members, appears to be as valuable and relevant today as it was during its inception.

Arizona Extreme Watersports

AWA/AZBW Boarder Of The Month Is Christine Cameron

It�s A Girl!

Editor�s Note: Finally, after interviewing many deserving male boarders, we�ve prevailed upon Christine Cameron to "interview herself." It is our honor to present her as August�s Boarder of the Month. Congratulations, Chris!

Entry From Mexico/Canada

Recreational boaters going out of the country to Canada and/or Mexico are now encountering changing re-entry requirements as they return in their private vessels to the United States.

To facilitate the ease of return into the country, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection ( service now provides a web page (( ) with guidance for recreational boaters returning to the United States from Mexico and/or Canada.

Due to the tremendous response from our advertisers and readers, AZBW is proud to announce that our newsmagazine can now be found in over four hundred fine locations in the following U.S. states and Mexico: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Virginia, Washington State and Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico.

Please let us know if your favorite hotel, marina, RV park, or store is not on the list or if any information has changed.

You may reach us at:

(480) 947-6219 or (619) 523-3091.

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