August 2006

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USPS Districts Hold Five-State Meeting In Phoenix

By Darrell Allison

Three United States Power Squadron Districts will meet with boaters representing squadrons from five states as well as Japan in a four-day Tri District Meeting in Phoenix.

Booked into the Phoenix Airport Hilton Hotel, the four day confab will start on Sept. 28.

Connie Johnson, past Commander of Phoenix Sail and Power Squadron, is chair of the conference. She noted that "This conference will have USPS boaters that are involved in, and teach about almost every type of boating that there is, from river, lake, and stream to blue-water off shore racing and cruising. We will all be discussing our sport. "

Johnson also indicated that a key feature of the conference will be the introduction of a brand-new extensive boater-education program dubbed "USPS University." This new program will provide Operator Certification for several different on-the-water interest areas and will be taught by certified Squadron instructors.

"With the wide-ranging personal boating interests represented in the members attending, this will be a natural location and time to preview USPS University," noted host district Commander Bill Johnson of Phoenix.

To highlight the new program there will be a series of seminar vignettes introducing some of the soon-to-be available seminars from USPS squadrons. The seminars will include presentations ranging from On-board Weather Forecasting, GPS, VHS, and GMDSS Marine Radio and a brand-new presentation covering knots, splices, and hitches.

 District commanders who are involved in the wide-area meeting are Bill Johnson, commander of District 28, with five squadrons in Arizona and Southern California; Gary Smith, commander of District 25, with eight squadrons in Northern California.

Commander Marla Brown leads District 13, the only international district in USPS. There are 18 squadrons in California, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, and Tokyo, Japan.

Member of the Operating Committee and the entire USPS national bridge and O/Com will be arriving to support the regional meeting.

The USPS executive officers are Chief Commander Ernie Marshburn, N.C.; National Executive Officer Creighton Maynard, Texas; National Education Officer Richard Kyle, Conn.; National Administrative Officer Frank Dvorak, Wash.; Treasurer Joe Mesenburg, Ohio, and Secretary Robert Baldridge, La.

Rounding out the Operating Committee will be Rear Commanders Alan Wentworth, Shirley Van Rea, Alan Lakin, Darrell Allison, and Michael Horowitz, as well as several other committee members attending the Phoenix conference. Operating Committee members live in Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Connecticut.

"The best part about a District Conference is the opportunity to learn new things," remarked D/13 skipper Marla Brown." This conference attracts USPS boating people from the entire Southwest . What a great opportunity to introduce new ideas and find out about the many types of boating experiences from our members. "

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