August 2006

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Arizona August Bass Tournaments

The Heatís Still On!

Compiled By Margie Anderson

Anglersí Choice Pro-Am, Region 2

Aug.18-19: Lake Mead

Contact Vern Price: (702) 896-1198

Pleasant Summer Nights (night tournaments)

Aug. 12: Harbor Marina, South Ramp, Lake Pleasant

Aug. 26: Harbor Marina, South Ramp, Lake Pleasant

Contact Rich Stringer: (623) 853-0440

Mid-Week Bass Anglers (Wednesday tournaments)

Aug. 9: Lake Pleasant: 5 p.m.-1 a.m. (full moon is Aug. 9)

Contact Terry Tassin at (623) 931-1546 or Brian Barger at (623) 932-0021

ABC Bass Club (oldest bass club in the state)

Aug.12: Canyon Lake (night tournament)

Contact Reggie Cooper at (623) 931-1760

All Star Summer Nites

Aug. 5: Roosevelt Lake (night tournament)

Contact Tom Stiles at (480) 894-2775

Monterey Bass Club

Aug. 19: Lake Pleasant (night tournament)

Contact Randy at (602) 679-9979

Jack AZ Bass

Aug. 12: Bartlett Lake (night)

Aug. 19: Bartlett Lake (night)

Contact Jack at (480) 982-9053 or Lyle at (480) 518-0915

Tournament Directors: Please e-mail Margie at with tournament info and results.