August 2006

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Scottsdale Synchro Does Well In Seattle

By Ellie Tieni

Scottsdale Synchro swimmers had an awesome time in Seattle at the Nationals!

Our 16-17 team is composed of mostly 14- and 15-year-olds. We have one swimmer of the seven who is actually 16; all the others are younger, but the rules say we have to swim in the age group of the oldest.

We placed 10th - which is fantastic because all the other teams had much older girls. Our girls looked so small compared to most - but we packed a punch!

Here are full results, names, and routines:

4th-Place Individual Figures - 18/19 Age Group - Shelby Young 

10th-Place Team - 16/17 Age Group - Laura Christy, Jamie Flanery, Katelyn Meyer, Catherine Radachi, Jackie Stockwell, Julie Tieni, and Olivia Widner

17th-Place Team -18/19 Age Group - Greta Cerviani, Sonja Cerviani, Rachael Jake, Devin Maierhofer, Chrissie Stockwell, Anna Swenson, Jordan Windle, and Shelby Young

11th-Place Trio - 14/15 Age Group - Jamie Flanery, Catherine Radachi, and Julie Tieni

13th-Place Duet - 16/17 Age Group - Greta Cerviani and Chrissie Stockwell

14th-Place Duet - 16/17 Age Group - Jordan Windle and Shelby Young

22nd-Place - Solo - 18/19 Age Group - Greta Cerviani

I'm sure Scottsdale Synchro will be back again for the 2006-2007 season, making a splash! We are making some changes that will help to get our choreography/music done sooner so that the girls can practice the routines longer.

Also, each girl will have a choice whether she wants to do two or three routines for the season. So, we are hoping these changes will show even better competition results.

We'd love to make it into the top 10, so that is our goal. Our season is over for four weeks, then we are back in the pool on registration day Aug. 19, and our first competitive meet will be some time in January.

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