Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu to Host Lighthouse Festival
Miniature lighthouse replicas keep popping up in visible places on Lake Havasu ó all in the name of boater safety.

To promote the cause, preparations are well underway for the first Annual Lake Havasu City Lighthouse Festival on March 11 at Windsor State Beach, Lake Havasu ó time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Welcome are all boaters, lighthouse enthusiasts, and people who seek adventure. Itís a family event, and youíll find plenty of parking, food, and novelties vendors, and enjoy free admission to the Arizona State Park. You donít need a boat to partake of the fun.

Lighting The Way On Lake Havasu
The night was dead black. Not a star visible. No silver water to guide them. It left an edge to an otherwise playful day for six Lake Havasu City residents who had gone to Havasu Springs for a day of golf and dinner. But, navigating homeward on dark water stirred an eerie, unsettling feeling.