August 7, 2011

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Our new name will be AZBW/Western Outdoor Times Weekly. This weekly newsletter will bring you stories, products and services reltated to outdoor activities (Boating - Camping - Fishing - Hunting - RVing - Watersports - Wildlife) in Arizona and beyond.

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Arizona 2011 Fall Big Game Remaining Permits Now Available
Dedicated Deer Hunter
Engine Cutoff Systems
Lake Havasu Adds Another Element To Sober Boating
Life Jackets: Know The Rules
Park Rangers Recover Body From Grand Canyon

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"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."--- John Wayne

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Less than an hour drive from Phoenix at an elevation of 1,660 feet lies the unspoiled beauty of Canyon Lake. Here, you'll revel in a playground with more than 28 miles of cactus-dotted shoreline, explore wondrous rock formations, discover peaceful private coves and spot countless species of birds, Big Horn sheep, deer, and javelina roaming freely through the landscape. Best of all, you'll find new meaning in the spectacular Arizona sunsets that paint the canyon walls aglow.
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Arizona's Lakes - This list identifies the Arizona County in which each lake is located. If you would like to add to the list of services on or near each lake please send your information to Lake Services.. Information should be centered around boating, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, rving and wildlife.

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Need a pet sitter? Experienced (10 years in a veterinary emergency office) technician available for days and overnights. Special needs pets can be accommodated. Please call Cathy: 480-540-1977 or email for charges and scheduling.


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 A CINDERELLA STORY -- And, here she is on her launch day in May 2006, after 25 months of exterior restoration at a cost of $235K. Owner Garry L. George, M.D. of San Diego had the work done at Koehler Kraft on Shelter Island Drive and plans to continue restoration when he "recovers." George has expressed interest in the Rock The Boat project, especially the move of the 1952 Chris-Craft from San Diego Bay to Mesa, Ariz. Now called Nostalgic Splendor, this 1953 Chris-Craft is an inspiration to all who are involved with the Rock The Boat project. If Kathleen can become Nostalgic Splendor, then the 1952 "sister ship" can become a second "Cinderella" to benefit Superstition Search & Rescue.

JOIN US -- Shown with the Chris-Craft Scorpion is one of the Rock The Boat sponsors Darla Bardelli of Outdoors Arizona and Outdoors In America radio shows. Bardelli is also participating in the 2008 Women's Bassmaster Tour and edits the "Tight Lines" section of Arizona Boating & Watersports. Anyone interested in joining Bardelli as a Rock The Boat sponsor may call (480) 947-6219 for more information.

 A SIMILAR SCENARIO -- Garry L. George, M.D., of San Diego had a dream similar to that of Jim Allen. He also felt the value of the early '50s Chris-Craft shown here. According to George, "I think these boats will be very valuable some day [when] restored." Kathleen is now Nostalgic Splendor and bears a striking resemblance to her nearly "sister ship" of the Rock The Boat project.

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GO, DEVILS! -- This is the new ASU Bass Fishing Team shirt, showing the sponsors -- including Arizona Boating & Watersports.

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