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Occupation: Coming to a City Near You?

The Occupation Is On The Move, Find a Big Bank Protest Near You
by Mary Bottari

U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone used to say "sometimes you have to pick a fight to win one."

Now Occupy Wall Street has picked one, right in Jamie Dimon's backyard.

But it won’t stay contained in Zuccotti Park. While Brookfield Properties called the park a "public sanctuary" in 2005, they have apparently changed their minds. Mr. Zuccotti wants his park back and the police are preparing to clear it with new rules barring camping, sleeping and breathing.

They are too late. The train has left the station and the Occupation is on the move. From Manhattan to Hawaii big bank protests are planned. Everyone who cares about creating an economy that works for working people should get on board.

"Savvy Businessmen"

In 2009, President Obama told a group of 13 bankers "my administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks." Now the pitchforks are being tuned.

It hasn't escaped notice of the 99% that while 1,000 top officers were jailed after the Savings and Loan debacle, not a single bankers has been jailed for their role in collapsing the global economy. The only firm really punished in the entire affair was Lehman Brothers, allowed to fail by Bush's Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

When Obama took over, he failed to crack down on Wall Street, he failed to even tag the Banksters as the culprits for the global economic meltdown. Rather he praised Goldman Sach's LLoyd Blankfein and JP Morgan Chase's Jamie Dimon as friends and "savvy businessmen."

Into the void, stepped the GOP who made huge gains at the federal and state level in 2010. Never shy, the GOP stepped right up to name the culprits -- us. Now in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, teachers, firefighters, nurses and other public workers are fighting for their lives -- in utter disbelief that they are being blamed as the cause of the economic downturn. The poor, the elderly and working families are being asked to pay more to close state budget shortfalls, while radical governors shell out billions in tax breaks.

The young people in Zuccotti are standing up to say enough is enough.

“We are the 99%”

As the Occupation of Wall Street enters its third week, the group has been criticized by media as not having a coherent message, as if a PR firm was a precursor to membership in our democracy. But from out here in Wisconsin, their message rings clear and true. The 99% percent has been shafted, our economic system is broken, and we need an economy that works for all.

The hopeful nature of the message, that change is possible when the monied elite have a stranglehold on our economy and our democracy, is itself remarkable and revolutionary. Too many Americans are ground down by opaque forces and feel powerless to change anything.

Messages like this one on the Occupy website resonate: "On September 27th, 2011, we marched on the Financial District's Luxury Night Out, where couples wore outfits that cost more than we will ever make in a month and looked at cars that cost more than we will ever make in a year, afterward, they went back to one of their many houses that cost more than we will make in our lifetime."

But for those who need a concrete list of demands, a working draft was produced though a consensus process on 29. Lesson from Wisconsin: Pizza and Pizzazz

As someone who participated in the Seattle 1999 WTO protests and in the WI uprising, I offer a few observations as the “American Autumn” gets underway. The Occupiers have already learned a key lesson of Wisconsin, the physical occupation of a space can’t be beat. When folks are sleeping, eating and strategizing together, a lot of quality communication and consensus building gets done fast. New alliances can be forged. And quality pizza can be delivered from supporters across America.

Don't forget to put the classy in class warfare. We learned from Wisconsin that fun is essential to turning out large crowds. Only in a safe peaceful space will your supporters feel comfortable bringing kids and grandma. If the police give you trouble, don't rise to the bait.

Lessons from Seattle: Big City Police Are Not Your Friend

Although Wisconsin protesters were able to forge solid relationships with police and firefighters who saw they were next in the collective bargaining firing line, this was a rare occurrence. Police in big cities whose entire lives have been spent protecting private property will not be your friend.

This weekend, there were 700 arrests in Manhattan as occupiers took to the streets stopping traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. Protesters charge that the police encouraged the march as a way of emptying the park and rounding up a large number of protestors and their leadership. The police led protesters onto an onramp on the Brooklyn Bridge where they were later corralled and carted away.

Protestors from the global justice movement which staged the successful 1999 WTO protests in Settle, which forced the end of the “Millennium Round” of global trade negotiations can give you some advice based on subsequent battles across the country. Police will infiltrate you by the dozens. They will identify and arrest your leaders without cause and hold them for as long as it takes. They will lure groups of you away for the sole purpose of corralling you and arresting you. Stay calm and protest on.

JP Morgan Chase Hearts the NYPD

As if more evidence were needed, news broke this weekend that JP Morgan Chase recently donated an “unprecedented” $4.6 million to the New York Police Foundation. “These officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe," chirped Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said.

The big banks are worried about a wide-ranging investigation by New York AG Eric Schneiderman into the Wall Street meltdown, not focusing on the small fry, but on the big fish. The behemoth banks whose origination, pooling an securitization of mortgage-backed securities which turned our domestic housing bubble into a global economic catastrophe.

The banks freak every time Schneiderman drops a bomb like, “The markets didn't crash because we were paying too much to teachers.” Or how about “people are not going to be satisfied until they have a sense that those responsible have been held accountable." The Wall Street protesters are helping give Schneiderman a backbone. Find a Protest Near You

A season of “Pay U.S. Back!” actions are planned for October under the banner of the "New Bottom Line" coalition. Find updates here. Plus, the Occupation is spreading fast, you can find updates here.

In San Francisco, hundreds of protesters took to the streets targeting Bank of America, Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo.

In Seattle, hundreds of people shut down a Chase bank branch and 11 were arrested.

In Suncaidia, the Washington Community Action Network infiltrated the annual policy summit of Association of Washington Business, sponsored by Chase bank.

In Boston, 3,000 marched on Foreclosure King, Bank of America, to present their demands to stop foreclosures in the main lobby. More at Take Back Boston. Occupy Wall Street, Move On and organized labor is joining in with a major march planned for Wednesday, October 5.

Occupy LA is underway at City Hall.

Occupy Chicago is underway at the Federal Reserve bank. Occupy DC starts on October 6 in Freedom Plaza.

Refund California is planning a “home visit to a Wall Street executive October 4 in Los Angles, Holmby Park in Los Angeles.

Occupy DC starts on October 6. Chicago is planning a Pay US Back Action October 09.

Minneapolis is planning a Pay US Back Actions, October 10.

New York City is planning a Pay US Back Action, October 11.

Occupy Milwaukee starts October 15.

Denver is planning a Pay US Back Actions.

Honolulu is planning a Pay US Back Actions: November 05.

© 2011 Center for Media and Democracy

WSPA Supporters Needed

A few months ago, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) launched a brand new way of raising funds to help protect animals: the Not in my Cuppa tea party. Since then, a number of supporters have organised and hosted a Not in my Cuppa tea party and raised much-needed funds for WSPA, as well as spreading the word about this important campaign to fight the threat of industrial mega-diaries.

Could you organise and host a Not in my Cuppa tea party for WSPA?

WSPA have put together a pack to guide you through organising a tea party and given a number of ideas for how to raise funds on the day. If you think you could host a Not in my Cuppa tea party for WSPA, please request our pack by emailing (please provide your contact details) or calling 0800 316 9772. You can also find out more about WSPA’s Not in my Cuppa tea parties by visiting our website.

Whether it’s tea and cakes for a few friends or a large scale tea party open to the public, a Not in my Cuppa tea party is a fun and very British way to raise funds for WSPA and to help keep British dairy cows in fields, not in factories.

Thank you,

Jane Rockliffe
Community Fundraising Manager

Power Paws Assistance Dogs & Waste Management Phoenix Open Birdies For Charity

!cid_D18212F0F67A4FC5A331877F8D030B1D@owner163be9e94.jpg: Click Here

Power Paws Assistance Dogs is participating in the 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open. You can pledge as little as 1 cent for every birdie made in the Birdies for Charity event. Click here to pledge, or I will be happy to enter your information for you. Simply reply to with your pledge amount, along with your email (F Name, L Name, email, address, phone). Power Paws’ BFC #246.

If 1500 birdies are made, your total pledge would be:
1¢ = $15
2¢ = $30
3¢ = $45
4¢ = $60
5¢ = $75
10¢ = $150

The total number of birdies varies. This is an average. Thank you for your support!

Sponsor an IHELP Participant for "TEAM TCAA"

The adrenaline is pumping at the TCAA office, because the competition has started! "Team TCAA" is gearing up for "The Mayor's Run" and IHELP Guests Need Your Help! Here's a fun way to help - pick a IHELP Participant below and sponsor them to run/walk the half-marathon. We have six runners willing to do the half-marathon. There are other "TEAM TCAA" members you can also sponsor...
James J.
Greg W.
Kyle M.
Mark H.
Rob S.

Kevin Cuningham -IHELP Coordinator<
Sam Sumner -IHELP Director

Ways to sponsor:
$100 Registration Fee
$250 Participant Sponsorship
$400 IHELP Sponsorship**

Each client will have a separate manager collecting funds for them. The proceeds of these sponsorships will go to the Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program ~ IHELP. Mayor Hallman matches each donation! Every dollar counts, no amount is too large or too small. Please contact Kathy if you are interested in being a part of this exciting team by participating in the marathon, or by sponsoring a team member! Marathon participants need to register soon. Training starts in September! Go "Team TCAA!" Thank you for your consideration.

**Your sponsorship can be applied to the Working Poor Tax Credit*

*Note: These are all first time marathon participants.

Challenged America

Challenged America: Click Here

Urban Miyares, president/founder of the Disabled Businesspersons Association, National Disabled Veterans Business Center and Challenged America program, is scheduled to be on NBC's "TODAY Show" this coming Wednesday, August 24.

Don't miss it . . . And tell others.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Mike "Leonard's Look" segment


There are many opportunities available to serve IHELP. We are still in need of the following help:

Deodorant (full size please)

*WATER DRIVES: (with the weather heating up IHELP guests are in need of water to keep hydrated).

*Coordinate a Towel or Sheet Drive - so our clients can keep up their hygiene and keep their employment.

*Wash sheets for IHELP Clients - did you know when Communities/churches don't wash their own sheets IHELP Staff wash them? The IHELP Manager, the IHELP Coordinator, or the Communications Coordinator will wash the sheets. If you are interested in helping out, please contact IHELP.

Expanded Volunteer Opportunities On Tonto National Forest

Tonto National Forest
2324 East McDowell Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85006
Contact: Don Dixon

Mesa, Ariz. (September 13, 2010) –Mesa Ranger District officials of the Tonto National Forest today announced an expanded volunteer program offering a wide range of opportunities on the district.

“If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to work for the Forest Service, this is your chance to work side by side with us,” said Art Wirtz, District Ranger. “Mesa Ranger District is the busiest recreation district in the forest, and we have volunteer opportunities for people with a wide range of interests and backgrounds.”

Mesa Ranger District is about 444,000 acres, which includes the Superstition and Four Peaks Wilderness areas and a portion of the Mazatzal Wilderness. Popular recreation sites include The Rolls OHV Site, Sycamore Creek, Canyon Lake, Saguaro Lake, and the Lower Salt River.

The new volunteer program, “A team of friends caring for land and serving people,” may be viewed online at The program offers volunteers opportunities to work in a variety of areas and utilizes a team approach.

“Whatever your interests or skills, we probably have a job for you. For example, if you would like to work in the Wilderness, you can serve as an information host at trailheads, hike trails to report on conditions, and assist hikers. Or you could construct, repair or replace signs,” Wirtz said.

“At Canyon or Saguaro Lake, you could help maintain facilities, pick up litter, or serve as an information host and present conservation education programs to our guests. We will train and orient you.” The district recently organized a successful cleanup of the Salt River.

For off-highway enthusiasts, there are excellent opportunities to help monitor and educate users in the forest through Tonto Recreation Alliance (TRAL), one of the district’s partnership organizations. Wirtz suggested that those who have an interest in being an OHV Forest Service volunteer go to the website

Prospective volunteers are encouraged to visit the website at where they can fill out an application and view opportunities. For more information, please call Mesa Ranger District at 480-610-3300.

There will be a 2010 Volunteer Open House beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 16, at Mesa Ranger District administrative offices, 5140 E. Ingram Street, Mesa 85205.

The First Step Toward A Better Future

IHELP is in need of a Host Site for Monday, August 30th. We are also in need of the meal. Thank you for your consideration!

Sam SumnerContact Sam if you are interested in hosting any of these Mondays or would like more information about I-Help. 480-350-5876

Your participation in IHELP is greatly appreciated!

Open Meal Date ~ August 29th
We have an open meal date on Sunday, August 29th at First United Methodist Church.

Flagstaff CVB Tourism Awards Dinner

Earlier this week, the CVB celebrated the Second Annual Treasure Tourism Dinner and Flagstaff Tourism Awards at Little America Hotel. We welcomed over one hundred local tourism industry professionals, officials from the City of Flagstaff and representatives from Northern Arizona University and Arizona Highways Magazine.

The night was a chance to celebrate the importance of Flagstaff tourism and honor the individuals and groups who make it such a successful industry.

The award categories recognized outstanding people and programs in the local tourism industry, including Cooperative Partnership, Special Event, Sustainable Initiatives, Volunteer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement. See this edition of InfoBytes for the list of winners.

To find out more about what the CVB is doing to promote local tourism, check us out online at, call 928-774-9541 or stop by the Flagstaff Visitor Center located in the historic train station at One E. Route 66.

Heather Ainardi
Flagstaff CVB Director

Tempe, AZ - Residents Displaced By Fire Need Your Help

The American Red Cross, Tempe Community Action Agency and the Salvation Army have been serving the families displaced by the fire on Tuesday.

At this time, the Salvation Army will be providing dinner tonight (Thursday) for the families.

NEEDS THROUGH THE WEEKEND: The families may need other food resources for about 30 people in the next couple of days and the contact for the complex is Daniel Eaton at 480-699-0490. Please call Daniel if you want to help. As with I-HELP the food must be ready to eat and snacks must be able to be stored in the heat.

Thank you to those congregations willing to open their doors at very short notice to meet the needs of the families involved! The majority of the families have housing or a place to stay through the weekend - many will need to find a new apartment.

Thank you for your assistance! We are learning and caring as we go with this diaster in our community and we will be talking about how we can better prepare at a future meeting. We will update you with any new information.

Please call me directly if you have any questions at 480-350-5883. Thanks, Beth
Beth Fiorenza
Executive Director
Tempe Community Action Agency

January 16, 2010

Governor General
Michaelle Jean
Ottawa, Ontario

Your Honour:
I saw your picture and the write up in the Calgary Herald on Thursday, January 14, 2010 It has haunted me ever since and by the news reported by all forms of media; the situation worsens and becomes more dire as more is known about the extent of the tragedies in Haiti.

This tragedy brings to mind the Biafra Famine in Africa years ago. The Moderator of the United Church at that time, Dr. Bob McClure was a Medical Missionary who served a life time in India. He was the first lay Moderator of our church. When the he heard of the African disaster, he immediately stated he would ‘give a Day’s Pay and encouraged all in the Church to do like wise’.

It caught on and spread far beyond the church .The result was that the “Days’ Pay “appeal resulted in more money being raised than was raised by the Red Cross, Government of Canada and all other agencies combined. I think your Honour; the Haiti situation needs widespread help that an appeal like this would bring and allow ordinary Canadians to be a significant part of the relief effort.

I will ask our Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has already pledged Canada’s support his advice on how to launch this appeal. This is an appeal that all individuals can share and make a personal and meaningful contribution to, easing the burdens of those in Haiti in a direct way. If it can spread across our borders to the United States and other freedom loving countries, there is no end the help it can bring the people of Haiti.

I know these are tough financial times for all, but this is a serious crisis and if we all did our best, we can do much to help the situation.

Your Fellow Canadian,
Donald C. Mac Mahon.
Rev. Dr. Donald C. MacMahon, C.D.
Major, Armed Forces Chaplain, (Retired)

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