March 2006


Hands-Free Rod Holders Let Anglers Fish On

Committed anglers understand the advantage of handling more than one rod. The challenge is figuring out how to do it with only two hands. The new Mr. Crappie Pro-Series Rod Holder System from Tempress/Fish-On can hold up to four rods, allowing fishermen to spider rig, giving them the advantage they need.

Mr. Crappie sits 15" above the deck and holds the rods 8" apart with the Mr. Crappie gang mount. By positioning the rods in a fan from port to starboard across the bow, anglers maximize the holder's potential for hauling in a large crop of crappies. Another key component is to make sure the boat is trolling at a speed of no more than one-half mile per hour to keep lines as vertical as possible.

There are 22 molded in-lure holders and two inset trays for keeping tackle handy. The system is fully adjustable both horizontally and vertically, but requires no tools for either set up or adjustment.

The rod system also provides hands-free fishing. Specially designed cradles secure rods from falling into the water or sliding back onto the deck of the boat. Anglers can relax and turn their attention to watching the graph and depth finder or operating the trolling motor.

Mr. Crappie Pro-Series Rod Holder is the only holder endorsed by Mr. Crappie himself, Wally Marshall. "This is the only rod holder good enough to bear my name," he said.

Constructed of heavy-duty plastic, the Mr. Crappie rod holder will neither rust nor corrode and is designed to work with all Fish-On mounting systems.

Mr. Crappie Pro-Series Rod Holder System retails for $89.99.

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