September 2006

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Half A Century For Arizona State Parks

Many Special Events On Their Calendar

Arizona State Parks will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2006-07.  Special events will be held at each park such as a traditional mariachi festival, three Civil War battles, plein art shows, an apple festival, geocaching, solar-energy celebrations, and astronomy galas. 

Hiking, fishing, boating, mountain biking all await those individuals with an adventurous attitude. Come uncover the many secret places and stories that are still to be found in Arizona's State Parks.

WHEN: From October 2006 through December 2007

WHO: The Arizona State Parks Board was established in 1957 to acquire and manage areas. 

Over the years, legislation has added other programs to Arizona State Parks and as a result, the volunteer board is responsible for a much broader spectrum of duties. 

These duties are related to historic preservation, archaeology, outdoor recreation, resource conservation/education, and grant administration.

WHERE: State Parks around the state.

FEE: Fees vary by event.

INFO: For detailed information on each event, call Ellen Bilbrey, public information officer at (602) 542-1996 or e-mail her at