February 2009

Seeing Eye Cat

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Seeing Eye CatPhoto Credit: Terry Burns

For those of you who find critters as remarkable as I do, meet Cashew the Lab and her seeing eye cat Libby. I wish for all our sakes that this was possible with humans. Aren't animals the nicest folks??

Cashew, my 14-year-old yellow lab, is blind and deaf. Her best briend is Libby,7, her seein-eye-cat. Libby steers Cashew away from obstacles and leads her to her food. Every night she sleeps next to her. The only time they're apart is when we take Cashew out for a walk. Without this cat, we know Cashew would be lost and very, very lonely indeed. It's amazing but true: This is one animal who knows what needs to be done and does it day in and day out for her friend.

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.