September 2007

De-Fishing Soap A Hit At Marlin Club Juniorsí Tourney

“Fish stink, but you don’t have to!” is the motto of De-Fishing Soap, a hand soap that completely eliminates fish and bait odors from hands. De-Fishing Soap’s formula works in fresh or salt water to neutralize — rather than mask — fish odors from hands and prevents anglers from spreading smells to house, car, or office.

De-Fishing Soap helped sponsor San Diego Marlin Club’s Junior Anglers’ Tournament Aug. 18 and 19, where anglers of all ages completely embraced the odor-killing soap.

Ianna Gilbert, who took home the tournament’s top honors for largest yellowtail and largest fish by an International Game and Fish Association (IGFA) member, is a long-time user of De-Fishing Soap. Gilbert holds eight IGFA junior world records and has two pending.

One of the things she likes about De-Fishing Soap is its star anise scent, a fish attractant which also helps mask human odors from fish.

“When fish are fussy, just rub a little De-Fishing Soap on your lure or use it instead of saliva to lubricate knots,” says Gilbert. “It can make the difference between getting bit or not.”

During extensive product testing, De-Fishing Soap “hands down” beat regular soap, bleach, lemon, vinegar, salt, and restaurant-type stainless-steel metal bars for removing odors from hands. De-Fishing Soap is very gentle on hands and contains Australian Tea Tree oil, long used by aboriginal people for healing cuts, burns, and infections.

De-Fishing Soap has been field tested and proven against all fish and bait including anchovy, catfish, bass, barracuda, bonito, sardine, squid, and yellowtail. Simply lather, scrub (brush is best), rinse, and repeat.

Sold in a convenient reusable container, one bar of De-Fishing Soap lasts most anglers all season and retails for just $5.95.  For information on where to buy De-Fishing Soap, or for dealer inquiries, please visit or call (619) 276-1299.