October 2007

In Praise Of A Pool

And The Best Water Slide Ever!

By Caroline McWilliams
Glasgow, Scotland

Of all the swimming pools I’ve ever been in, the swimming pool at the Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, Ariz., is the best ever. You may not have seen it, but it’s magnificent!

There are actually three pools all next to each other. In them are sprinklers and mini waterfalls. There are air mattresses that are all different colors — blue, purple, yellow, and pink.

All around the pools there are tables, chairs, and umbrellas. There are also palm trees that stand out — especially at night.

During the day the best water slide ever is open. There is a huge waterfall at the end of it.

You splash into the waterfall after going down the slide, which is very slippery, by the way. Flowing down the slide is rushing water. I couldn’t get enough of the slide. Neither could my aunt!

There is a restaurant right by the pool, and you can eat in the water. The waiter comes right to you, and you’re served on proper plates with linen napkins and place mats.

I’m telling you: It’s an experience of a lifetime!