October 2007

IGFA Adds Fifth Series Of Popular Fishing Classes This Fall

The IGFA’s new School of Sportfishing, launched last year by the IGFA in association with Saltwater Professional Consulting, has added a fifth series of 11 classes through 2007.

The weekly fall series begins on Oct. 2 and goes through Dec. 18. The Tuesday night classes run from 7 – 10 p.m., and are taught at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum.

“We not only continue to get great feedback and attendance for our original series of topics (swordfishing, wrecks and reefs, sailfish, dolphin and wahoo), but the interest has grown for new subjects as well,” said IGFA Coordinator David Matagiese.

The two newest classes added include “Back Country Fishing: Mangroves and Flats,” and “Conquering Sailfish.” 

With a class size limit of 24 anglers, the IGFA School of Sportfishing offers a unique experience for anglers who want to obtain the skills, information and techniques necessary to maximize their overall success on the water.

The new fall seminar season includes —

 Each course features printed curriculum on the session, equipment and hands-on instruction where anglers have a chance to interact and learn from fisherman who they would usually only see on television or read about in fishing magazines.

“These anglers and captains are not only some of the best fisherman in each respective discipline, but are also willing and able to share their knowledge with you,” said Matagiese. 

The cost is $100 per class for IGFA members and $150 each for non-members. The fee covers the cost of the training class, course materials and fishing equipment relevant to each topic.

For more details visit www.igfa.org/schoolofsportfishing.asp to assess which courses are appropriate for specific skill levels. Or, contact David Matagiese at (954) 924-4247 or via e-mail at dmatagiese@igfa.org, or Veronica Woods at (954) 924-4334 or via e-mail at reservations@igfa.org .