October 2007

Now You Can Cruise Lake Tahoe In A Classic Woodie!

By Ron Barraclough
When it comes to wooden speedboats, be they Chris-Crafts, Gar Woods, Hacker Crafts, Centurys, or a number of other antique and classic boats, Greg Barraclough of Carnelian Bay in North Lake Tahoe, has orchestrated a way to showcase these wonderful old woodies and perpetuate their tradition in the nautical world. 

With his recently opened Tahoe Classic Boat Tours, Greg is giving visitors an opportunity to see what this world of wood is all about, and in some cases, bring back lots of memories for those who grew up at a time when wooden boats were all that were available to the public. 

His innovative tours of America’s most spectacular alpine lake are the talk of Tahoe these days as he cruises the lake’s crystal clear waters in his 31-foot Hacker Craft speedboat, watching passengers thrill to the sights of Tahoe while being delighted to the rumbling sounds of the Hacker’s powerful twin engines.

Having grown up in Phoenix in a family of classic wooden-boat enthusiasts, he’s actually been exposed to these mahogany beauties since he was a small child.  He has learned to appreciate the art of true restoration from his father Ron and his brother, Jeff, while working on and playing in old Chris-Crafts and Gar Woods that ranged in size from small runabouts to huge cruisers. 

He even spent a year at Tahoe learning from one of the foremost and best-known experts in the art of professional renovation and restoration Phillip Ballantyne.  And, because his family has had ties to Lake Tahoe for well over 50 years, it seemed very natural for Barraclough to create Tahoe Classic Boat Tours — a business that would allow him to display his talents while sharing his love of Tahoe and these beautiful old boats with the public.

Tahoe Classic Boat Tours operates from mid-May through mid-October and is available for personal or customized tours, as well as corporate getaways, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and special events.  Excursions can range from one hour to a full day and can be reserved in advance for special occasions. 

Due to the size and seating configuration of the Hacker Craft, he is able to comfortably seat 10 passengers in addition to himself.  Barraclough is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain and is bonded and fully insured, always putting the safety and wellbeing of his passengers first.

Due to Tahoe’s immense size, Barraclough intends to expand the number of tour boats and captains in the near future, enabling Tahoe Classic Boat Tours to offer similar tours to visitors at other major points around the lake.  However, in the meantime, he will continue on his own to operate out of Carnelian Bay and service Tahoe’s north and west Shores. 

Yes, he is now living his dream with Tahoe Classic Boat Tours, as he attempts to capture the essence of a bygone era at Tahoe by offering these breathtaking trips in the very kind of boats that formed a big part of Tahoe’s maritime heritage.

For more information, call Tahoe Classic Boat Tours at (530) 386-5098, visit www.tahoeclassicboattours.com, or feel free to send e-mails to tahoeclassicboattours@gmail.com

Barraclough hopes to ensure that all of his tours provide magnificent sunny days, spectacular scenery, and the thrilling sights and sounds of classic boating on one of America’s most beautiful lakes.

Above Image:
TOUR TAHOE -- in an old woodie like this smooth Hacker Craft. Greg Barraclough, Carnelian Bay in north Lake Tahoe, showcases the vintage wooden boats such as Chris-Crafts, Gar Woods, Hacker Crafts, Centurys, etc., as he welcomes guests aboard the craft for tours of Lake Tahoe. Barraclough is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain and has more information posted at