October 2007

Marina Sailing Charts A Course For Adventure

By Scott Church

For thousands of years, man has yearned to set sail and explore the oceans of the world. Today, that dream seems out of reach for most of us who don’t have skills or the funds to handle a modern sailing yacht.

Marina Sailing has helped thousands of ordinary people get the skills to confidently handle anything from a daysailer to a large ocean sailing cruiser.

It all began in 1962.

Max Thieme was a pilot and a sailor who admired the way aviation clubs could pool their resources and offer pilots the chance to train on bigger and faster planes without breaking their budgets. Using that framework as a model, he created Marina Sailing, which today is the largest and oldest sailing-membership organization in California.

An ASA-Certification Facility

With six bases and over 80 boats from which to choose, members can enjoy exploring the Channel Islands for extended cruises, or just go on thrilling day sails. Marina Sailing is proud to be an ASA-certification facility, the standard in sail education, respected worldwide.

Whether you don’t know your port from starboard, or you have years of experience, but you want to brush up on skills gone a little rusty, there are programs to help any sailor gain the confidence and experience needed to face any sailing challenge.

For sailors who dream of owning their own yacht,   Marina Sailing offers plenty of incentives to placing a new boat in their fleet. Owners enjoy the freedom of not having to be saddled with the drudgery of cleaning and maintaining their boats; they just untie the dock lines and go.

Other huge financial incentives are offered by the IRS as well, up to one hundred thousand dollars, making the dream even more in reach.  No wonder their owners are always smiling!

Catamarans are taking the charter boat world by storm, and they demand special skills to handle them properly. Marina Sailing stands ready to train the next generation of fast cruisers with the ASA 114 curriculum.

Want to learn how to safely handle a boat in heavy weather?

An America’s Cup Experience Awaits You

Or, how about a dream sail on the historic Stars and Stripes in San Diego?
Dennis Conner’s multimillion dollar racing machine can be yours to take the wheel!

Marina Sailing gives you the opportunity to join the Stars and Stripes crew for a day as they actually teach you to run the massive America’s Cup racer. Duties learned are grinding, trimming, and perhaps the most exciting — driving the boat! A professional photographer comes aboard to catch a picture of you at the wheel, (for a small fee, of course).

Just think of the bragging rights that photo over mantle will give you!
Don Dodd, a Marina Sailing member, had this to say about his Stars and Stripes

“I invited four long-time friends to join me aboard USA 11 in February. What a great sailing experience! The crew put us to work and with great weather and wind, we exceeded 10 knots in San Diego Harbor! This is a first-class event. I may do it again! “
Baja Haha, Tahiti, Beyond

Sailboat racing has always been an important and fun part of Marina Sailing since the beginning, and many members have run the Newport-Ensenada and the Baja Haha with our boats — some quite successfully! The best instructors in California, most having been with the company for many years, can get you out on the racecourse, and help you win.

Another way Marina Sailing offers its members unforgettable ways to test their skills is with exotic sailing vacations. On a recent Tahiti adventure, eight catamarans and 59 sailors enjoyed exploring French Polynesia’s magic.

What better place to practice new-found skills than in paradise? Confidence was gained, and friendships were formed to last a lifetime. You can bet many will be back next year. The next exotic flotilla will be testing the pristine waters of the British Virgin Islands in April 2008.

Max Theime has sailed on to that final port of call, but he would no doubt be proud of what his little idea has blossomed into today — a world of opportunities for anyone who yearns to break free of the hectic pace of the land and gain a passport to the freedom of the sea.

Want to come aboard? Check out www.marinasailing.com today!