October 2007

It’s About Speed And Horsepower

Outlaw Customs Can Rope Your Cow Or Build Your Boat

By Don McDowell

Back in the day, when outlaws were cowboys relegated to horses, the four-legged kind, usually running and hiding out in canyons.  Well it seems that the outlaw cowboys are back, back in the style of the old days: flat bottoms, v-drives, big blocks and lots of raw horse power. 

A practicing partner of the Watson Cattle Company and Mountain Pass Builders, Chris Watson owns Outlaw Customs — a real cowboy in his own right, bucking broncos, roping cows, and building hot custom boats.

In this modern day, we enjoy technology advances in all venues; we are surrounded by boats specialized for this and that and so on.  All the flash and eye appeal of the off-the-shelf play boats are great, but how cool is it when you hear the raw thunder of a 427 cid and watch the water falling from the rooster tails from a v-drive? 

Yeah, there are a few around, but like the cowboy, they are indeed a dying breed.  Chris Watson is bringing ‘em back to life, custom built to your specs. 

How about an 18-foot Sanger with a big block of your choice?  Color scheme and graphics are of your choice, not what is on the show room floor. 

If owning a custom hot boat is your dream or passion, Outlaw Custom will put it on the water.  It’s not always about comfort, music and the amenities; for some of us, it’s about horsepower and speed — stuff you just can’t get from a blow-boat.

You can reach Chris Watson and Outlaw Customs at (928) 369-8331.  You might want to keep a close eye on him, however. He may ride horse, rope your cow, or build a custom house or cabin — as well as an Outlaw Custom!