November 2007

His Goal: Fit For The Outdoors

It’s called “All-In-One Fitness,” and it’s a sure way for anglers, boaters, campers, and watersports enthusiasts to build up their strength for all the outdoors activities they enjoy.

Where is “All-In-One”? Right at the major crossroads of Miller and McDowell in Scottsdale — a convenient location and a small, extremely well-equipped gym.

The brains and brawn behind this excellent facility belong to Wayne Hammonds, the owner/trainer. He takes people of all ages (and “shapes”), works with them on an individual basis, and patiently brings them up to their potential level of fitness.

Hammonds, originally from Florida, has had a true love for exercise since he was 12-years-old. He attended Fayetteville State University, then moved to Rochester, N.Y., where he and his brother Eddie owned a public gym from 1978-1985.

The most relevant facts of Hammonds’ rise to fitness include his winning 13 body-building titles on the East Coast, including Mr. Eastern America.  Based on his success, ambition, and ability, he decided to continue his body-building career and moved to Phoenix on July 19, 1985.

By 1988, Hammond had won Mr. Natural Universe in Minneapolis, Minn., as well as seven more body-building titles. Then, in 1988, he started his own private fitness training in local gyms in Tempe and Scottsdale.

All-In-One Fitness opened in September 1998. Hammond and his wife Charlene allocated their private savings to establish the center to provide personal services to their clients.

The business has grown rapidly by word of mouth and because of the couple’s  personal attention to the well-being of their clients.

Arizona outdoors enthusiasts — be they boaters, anglers, campers, or watersports participants — know the value of being fit. It is not an impossible goal, especially when one is guided by the excellence of Wayne Hammond.

Give him a call at (480) 946-7511 or visit All-In-One-Fitness at 1606 N. Miller Road, Scottsdale, Ariz., 85257.