November 2007


Courtesy Heard Museum

This silver seed pot -- Havasupai/Hopi-Tewa jeweler Starlie Polacca III’s “Havasupai Seed Corn,” crafted in 2006 -- is an example of contemporary seed pots on display at the Heard Museum.  Norman L. Sandfield recently gifted the museum his collection of more than 240 miniature silver seed pots.This superlative collection will be on exhibit in the Sandra Day O’Connor Gallery at the Heard Museum Nov.17-Sept.7, 2008. The collection, which Sandfield collected over a period of 28 years, ranges from traditional designs recreated in silver to a truly interstellar outlook with the Star Wars series created by L. Eugene Nelson, Navajo. Sandfield also commissioned works from jewelers who normally do not create containers, and the results are stunning. For more information, call (602) 252-8848 or visit